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I’m so proud of you Britney

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I can’t sleep. I think it’s because it’s such a big day for Britney, I can’t even imagine how she’s feeling. :wontcry_tears_crying_sad:

I have to say, we as the Britney Army and the Free Britney movement should be incredible proud of ourselves. We truly saved Britney’s life. We were all told this was a conspiracy and that she wanted this conservatorship. We spoke out about this when nobody else would and we did not stop. Our voices were heard and so was Britney’s. 

There is no going backwards now with this. The story has changed for them and Britney is in control. I am so proud of her for speaking up finally trying to gain control of her life again. I know tomorrow won’t be easy and it’s not going to be what we think it is. There is a lot to discuss and I doubt they will get through everything. Why? Time and most importantly, money. They will want to drag this on for as long as possible to keep the payments coming in. 

The amount of evidence that is out there and the resignation of many, it’s pretty obvious Team Con is sweating and running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Allegedly. I pray the major thing out of tomorrow is that Britney is able to select her own lawyer. That is the main thing. Then her lawyer can take control and do his thing! 

Britney may not get back all of her money but I’m sure their first move will be to terminate conservatorship then it will be going after financials. I believe Britney is a lot smarter than what we and the media thinks she is. 

We are all rooting for you Britney and I just know freedom is coming your way!!! The whole world has heard you and we love you and want nothing but the best for you. If you ever see this, you are my biggest inspiration and have helped me through so much! 

Good luck queen!! :kiss_britney_blowing_pink_candies:

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