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Billie Eilish responds to hater who says she's in her flop era: my t*** are bigger than yours

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I love Billie's new songs & am really excited for her album. I definitely agree that this whole dynamic of building (female) stars up just to tear them down is really toxic (and also boring). If people don't enjoy her music, they should just not listen to it, but there's no need to spread so much negativity imo. Let her live, basically.

I do feel like she's selling herself a little bit short with this response? Like girl, you're super talented & smart, why make it about your t***?

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The album literally had only one flop song.


Lost cause..


Your power is being picked up on radio, and NDA debuted in the US Spotify top 5, globally might flop, but there's nothing wrong with being a huge star in just your native country. 


Perfect example would be Miss Janet Jackson, internationally she failed to not only her bigger female contemporaries Madonna, Whitney and Mariah Carey, but due to her last name , she was also compared to her Brother Michael Jackson and word got to Michael her sales was bad compared to the other females In her prime, and he said it's a shame people will judge Janet  as a local star who got success based from our family name..


The album will be huge in the states, I think the problem is Her brother has a sound and style, and it might not work globally this time..

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I feel really bad for Billie cause I think people overrated her previous work and now everyone expects way too much from her, and anything that doesn't meet their expectation == imediate flop...And that shouldn't be the case. Really unfair to her and her work. 

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4 hours ago, Style. said:

I can’t see where the flops are... ‘cause she’s servinggggggg :boredney_britney_2015_annoyed_eyeroll_hair:

Lost Cause missed the Top 20. She has no major hit this era. Olivia Rodrigo stole her spotlight.

I’m not coming for her either, I like Billie but she’s definitely less relevant this era.

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I really don't understand, I am not her biggest fan - but I truly feel this sale obsession is way too toxic! Billboard is a just a thing for US but fans act like this thing rules the world, I mean of course Bille's latest singles aren't doing great on the charts but GP really doesn't care apart from good music, sales do matter but this obsession of fans that sales = impact narrative is so false. 

Billie is a wonderful artist and not to mention a teen, she has a long career to look forward to people just need to leave especially Female generation alone. 

Earlier, I was reading on twitter how Beyonce fans were dragging Britney for saying Beyonce has sold more and has more impact and Britney is only a ***ualised product of the past. Sometimes, I truly am sad for all these false narratives! 

Billie will go good I am sure, and she's here to stay! You go billie. 

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the hate on her just got bigger after she won a grammy

and this:

problem is shes tied too much of her own identity into her music which is understandable considering her age and lack of boundaries in media, and instead of viewing eras as the manufactured image and art directions they are, taking the critique and using it to do something different going forward, shes just taking it as a personal rejection. Which it isn't, these people dont know her, they're just sick and bored of her beige ***.


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