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NOT HATING BUT, don't get the olivia rodrigo hype.

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Well, I think it's mainly because her album is mainly for young teens I guess - she's an amazing vocalist but let's face a fact this album was hugely promoted and was surrounded by some teen drama hence got huge, I did listen to the album start to finish and personally I feel she has a huge career ahead of herself but my demography ain't for her.

Think about baby one more time - album lyrically is simple nothing is complex about *** but well suited for teens - being one of my favourites not just from Britney but one of my all time favourites and to this day I listen to it every other week but it's mainly because it takes me back to simpler times and this album started it all with that being said, I think we will now never understand the hype for new teen artists because they aren't targeting us anymore - I am way over the heartbreak break up songs. 

I never understood the hype of Taylor and she really came out when I was in 8th grade, or Beyonce etc etc but they are highly impactful so they must be doing something right same goes for Olivia also I guess. 


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I personally don’t think she has star power or longevity - however, I could be wrong! 

I remember Taylor swift’s debut album came out when I was 16 and I was floored lol. It seems like this album is doing the same thing for people - it’s just an album that encompasses how it feels to be young right now. 

we will see how she performs. I feel like new artists today aren’t into the art of performing as much they used to be / have to be. Billie ellish first concert tour tickets were crazy expensive and it’s like gurrll it’s ur first tour! And her live performances that I’ve seen have been snoozefests…. But anyways lol 

I don’t get the hype either. 

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it's because she's the "next big thing" just like billie eilish was. once the aura of NBT fades, she'll receive significantly less hype and we'll see just how much longevity she has. plus, she has swifties up her *** and we all know how much they never shut the **** up :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:

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Good melodies, songs you can sing or play along with on piano/guitar. Good 4 u sounds like an old Avril, Michelle Branch bop. Also she’s pretty clean cut girl next door image which I think there’s a big demand for, the industry likes to push artists with more edgy images instead, so her success makes sense to me. Oh and she’s a Disney star so every door opens for her 

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She revived pop punk, and is part of it's revival. 


Besides most teens don't dance celebrity or not.


Nobody wants to entertain in fear of cracking under pressure to be perfect and afraid of making a horrible mistake that could cost your career. 


Being mediocre unfortunately is the safest route for today's industry.


They don't make stars anymore, even Mariah said, you have No Clive davis, a Tommy Motorola or anybody investing into an artist to create a franchise star for a record label. 

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She has talent, Driver's license was amazing and she used a fanbase that is very loyal(Swift's), but she is boring like no other. Even her constant fangirling of Taylor became boring and repetitive rather quickly.  It's too soon to judge her staying power, but definitely she is a mediocre artist in her totality. There is no message or true commitment to an ideology other than. "you betrayed me bish", but hey, Taylor built an entire career on that so who knows. 

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you know how some songs are ear worms, well hers are ear tumors :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know: i have never heard music that was this overhyped ever i mean at least lemonade had some bops here and there but every single song by her sounds so bland, generic and pretty much trash she made a whole album essentially whining about a guy that left her there’s nothing more to any of the songs other than that

to be honest i would rather be tied up forced to listen to a medley of britney jean, mmm papi ,this kiss & brave new girl than ever listen to any of her songs :flop_britney_candies:

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