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what do you think would have happened to her if she would have never been put under the cship?

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8 hours ago, ThisMeowBiteback said:

Why everyone saying she was due a break ? Op said if she was never was put in the conservatorship. At that time In 08 she was not working & had not really work in years. She was at rock bottom am I’m right? This was around the time she was sitting on the curve crying with her dog. 


I don’t think she was nowhere in the head space to be making music. I honestly can  say I don’t know what would have happen. I do know she needed some help. This video was right before the conservatorship took place 

This video is so sad. It’s very upsetting :tiffsniffle_ny_miss_new_york_crying_sobbing_sad_tears:

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This is a very interesting question, what I believe is if Britney was surrounded by the right people her act would've cleaned up in a year or so, circus definitely wouldn't have happened she would've taken a break and then would've started working on her music and tours - her "comeback" was too soon it never would've happened. 

Britney would've definitely continued making albums and touring but yes Vegas never would've happened IMO - she loves to perform and the girl was never local so I am sure her touring acts would've been big - she also would've taken acting roles or small roles in TV - perhaps X factor could've happened not sure. 

But, nonetheless Britney would've been at a very happy place and you would've never seen her stiff dancing - definitely not prime dancing but yes I am sure Britney could've gotten even more huge. 

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She would have probably continued to spiral until one day she would have woken up and realised that the people around her were not her friend. Her kids being taken away for a long period of time with no visitation rights until she ‘cleaned up her act’ as it were would have forced her to get help. 

Do I think an intervention was necessary? Yes completely. Do I think a conservatorship was the answer? Never. Britney was too young and sane for that. She went through a really bad time where she needed help but it was a mixture of rebelling and the constant media scrutiny. She loved her kids and they were taken away anyone would have gone crazy. Her family were leaches - everything hit her at once. 

Eventually she probably would have kept a pretty low profile for a while but Circus definitely wouldn’t have happened and I don’t think she would have did music as seriously anymore. There would have been no tours, just more intimate performances like the M+M tour I think. She’d have did it when she had the time but she’d have focused on getting a man and her kids back honestly.

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10 hours ago, MoonArcher said:


2008 was starting weirder than 2007... 

realistically thinking, she would probably get pregnant by Adnan Ghalib, her boyfriend at the time and idk, I doubt she would focus on music in that year

it makes me wonder, i really want to hear what if britney was your family member and you open the internet everyday and you see this person you love dating a paparazzi and running around gas stations everyday at dawn... also she was so vulnerable and very stubborn during that time, she would reject help from anyone and from her family... she was under sam lutfi he said many people reached to be there for britney and we didn't see nothing... sam blocked them from helping? idk 

it's weird to image cause K-fed would definitely continue to battle on the custody of the kids, britney would be even more depressed? she would attach herself to the paparazzi boyfriend and it would be another mess of a year for her IMO, not a healing year at all. 

I think you made a brilliant point here. 

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She’s a smart girl, I think she would’ve realized she needed some kind of help and sought it out from either a professional or a more trusted friend/relative.


Circus would not have happened (sadly) and I don’t think she would’ve released a new album till 2009/2010. There would be no FF or BJ, I do think she would’ve still had an album out in 2013 and 2016 though. X-Factor never would’ve happened, you could tell she hated it and Vegas would’ve never happened. She would also be remarried by now I think. 

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Why have these types of threads? While I understand she is a public figure and subject to speculation and scrutiny, why does she need this kind of discussion from her fans? I can’t imagine how hurt I’d be if people surmised about how much worse off my life would be if I didn’t have my civil liberties stripped from me and put under an abusive conservatorship- DURING THE MOST DIFFICULT PERIOD OF MY LIFE. I think BH is important for highlighting the injustice of the conservatorship and celebrating Britney. But I hope she doesn’t read some of the armchair theorizing about her life on this site. 

I wish fans would: keep exposing the injustices of the conservatorship with known facts, wish Britney the best with whatever she does with her life once freed, withhold their judgement, and appreciate her artistry. 

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  • She would have taken a break until 2010
  • Circus wouldn't exist at all
  • She would have released an album in 2010, probably a younger EDM sister of Blackout
  • Probably one more album in 2011 or 2012 that would have a lot of bangers
  • A lot of acting gigs for sure
  • Another album in 2015 that would be more personal and mellow (maybe something similar to Glory)
  • 2 or 3 world tours 
  • Another album in 2018 that would have a very slow humming vibe as she would probably still be inspired by Selena Gomez
  • Probably a couple of feature hits on other artists' songs, I think S&M remix would still happen. She would have probably collabed with Beyonce at some point. Probably more collabs with Selena, Ariana, and Miley.

I 100% think she would have reached greatness and status even larger than now. She's a creative bomb and she would have definitely remained a trend setter everyone else would follow for a very long time. Basically, she'd be running the industry af. 

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Sam Lufti once claimed that Blackout was originally meant to be Britney's last album.

In "For The Record" Britney said something like "Why didn't I just go to Louisiana?" when asked about the 2007 breakdown. Maybe she would've decided to do so had she not been put in a conservatorship. 

I personally do not think that she'd have retired but much bigger break would have been taken for sure

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It’s funny and sad not a single person in Britney’s life is seen as someone who hold Britney’s best interest. No one over the years is perceived as good influence or as a supporter that wishes her to be well without any financial gain... Maybe Felicia and Brett to some extent. But everyone else has been dragged and categorised as grade A trash by the fans. 

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I don’t get why people are only theorizing on what would’ve happened with her career. It’s kinda weird how y’all are ignoring the cluster **** that was her personal life back then:awks_britney_side_eye_awkward_2011_ff_femme_Fatale:

Britney was so over her career by 2007. She was so clearly checked out and it shows. Might I remind everyone when Ryan Seacrest asked what the promotion of the album would entail and Britney laughed and said, “this is it”? I know we all worship Blackout (for good reason might I add), but her involvement on that album was so minimal. While she may had been developing interesting material during the making of the album between 2005-2006, it’s become more clear in recent years that the final product was the byproduct of pettiness and revenge. Timbaland promised to work with Britney but after she turned him and JT down with Battle of the ***es he vowed to never work with her again unless she apologized, prompting Britney to hire the entire crew from Shock Value including Danja to produce her album.


Career wise, I don’t think we’d see another project from her for a long time after Blackout. B6 (Circus) would happen eventually, but it’s hard to say when. As for her personal life I truly don’t know. To be completely fair, she might have died without any intervention. I’m not saying the answer was a conservatorship, but we’d be lying to say it didn’t benefit her in the first two years. But the restrictions should have never been as strict as they were or held on for as long as they were. 

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Brit would have released "The Original Doll" in 2005, with Mona Lisa as the first single.

She would have divorced Kevin anyway and won sole custody with visitation rights for Kevin.

In 2007, she would have published Blackout, but under a different name. We would get to see the original Gimme More video and Rebellion would have become a single. Blackout would have been a completely different album, dark one.With songs like Let Go,Little Me,All That She Wants,Baby Boy.

With The Original Doll and Blackout, she would have established herself as a serious artist. With her real look and deeper voice.With serious texts. She would be an adult artist.I can also imagine that she would found her own record company.

After that she would take a long break.Move to New York or London.Maybe in between advising new artists,writing songs.but she would only be working behind the scenes.

After that she would concentrate on her acting career.

And just after ten years + release a new album.But a very adult one,maybe a singer/songwriter one.No songs about s** and party.

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She definitely needed help at that time. But I think what she really needed was more family support rather that a cship, which I think is more focused on her finances. 

Without the cship I can definitely imagine a lot of trouble. But somehow she would have found a way to overcome all her personal issues and have success.  

During the court she said something very important and nobody is commenting on that, and was when she compared herself to what Miley Cyrus is doing in public regarding all the craziness, it made me think she’s right. Miley and other artists that do drugs publicly are not judge the same way Britney is. 
Nobody is declaring Miley unable to handle her life by herself and she has done a lot of crazy ****.

(Btw, I love Miley I am just trying to make a point) 

Britney needs to be free and be able to make mistakes and to enjoy all the circumstances that life has. 


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