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what do you think would have happened to her if she would have never been put under the cship?

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The same thing would have happened. She would have bounced back and released an album and tour. Except she would have had a break after Circus.  No FF or BJ. Yes to Vegas and Glory. 

Her parents would have intervene back in 2008. But no conservatorship would have bound her to them like a property. Larry & LT would have stepped down or resign like they are now. 
She would have had a break and would had married with a baby too. There would be ups and downs but at least she had rights to her money and a lawyer. 

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I don't think it would've been very different than 2007. She would've released another raunchy video for Blackout, and then she would've continued the legal battle with K-Fed.

Probably she would've done some gigs like the M+M Tour in 2007, but this time promoting Blackout songs, and most likely she would've started recording the next album. After that is really hard to guess. It all depends on how successful the new material would've been, what other new artists would've emerged around that time. Who knows, maybe the media would've eventually got bored of Britney and they would've left her alone. Maybe if she got into the social media world without a conservatorship, her having a voice through Twitter and such would've helped her fight against detractors.

It's really hard to imagine all the specifics, because again, there's too many factors that would've come into play, but I genuinely believe that she would've overcome those issues sooner or later, like Lindsay Lohan did. Whether she'd still be as famous or not, who knows. But I don't think she would've died as many claims. There's no reason to believe that.

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I don't think it was gonna end well. Again, it's rough enough to go through a rough patch but Britney couldn't even go through her rough patch privately. Maybe it would've had a happier ending if there'd been more privacy instead of "My life has turned into a sideshow freakshow for people to come gape at me going through a really hard time." And then I can get my barf bag out if the worst case scenario had happened and all those people jerking off to Britney's downfall would be the first ones to lick her ***. Goodness knows I ******* hate when that happens. 

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53 minutes ago, MoonArcher said:

britney in 2008:


It’s a shame the paparazzi laws that were created mostly due to what she went through didn’t happen soon enough to help her during this time. It’s awful seeing how terrified she was. 

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3 hours ago, Phonography423 said:

We would have gotten a few more albums where she had more creative control like Glory. I honestly don’t think she would have done Vegas tho. We never would have gotten Britney Jean and Femme Fatale would have been VERY different. And I think she would have done more acting jobs. 

No she would’ve done Vegas as she has wrote on her site how she hated touring and hated having to wake up early to catch a red eye flight and that she would go to hotel rooms just to sleep and the constant travel. She talked about doing Vegas while she was on her break during the Kfed days and how she dreamed of having a small intimate setting as she hated big crowds so she can better connect with the audience. She really wanted a regular gig and brought up Elvis as an example as that allows her to be a mom and still be a working professional. 

I think she still would do Vegas, the onyx hotel was very much inspired by Vegas shows like Zumanity so she was testing the waters plus she regularly partied there. Obviously it would be done differently and less cheap but she would definitely enjoyed it especially having shows spread out rather than having to fly in and out of airports to make it around the world. She just needed a break and she stated that to the judge too that it was back to back and she just got burnt out. They got greedy as everyone could see having another residency was too soon. 

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That’s an interesting question.  Her situation wasn’t getting any better with Sam around and I don’t think she had the confidence in her self to eject him out of her life, nor do I think he would have gone even if she had asked him.

The conservatorship was never necessary.  While we don’t know her diagnosis, mental health is no reason to take away all of someone’s civil rights.  There had to be other ways her family could’ve gotten involved to assist her in getting back into a good headspace.  Sadly, her family is garbage and now it all makes total sense why Britney was estranged from her family at that time.  Had her family actually been loving and caring and gotten involved, they could’ve gotten her help that could’ve empowered her and given her control over her life and career.  If those supposed texts were real between someone, most likely Sam, and Lynne, it appears all Britney wanted was acceptance and unconditional love which isn’t asking a lot from family...but they went the conservatorship route and spent years belittling her, putting her down, forcing her to do things, threatening her, etc.

So had she not gotten any type of help and her life continued the way it was with Sam involved, I don’t think she’d be successful anymore, sadly.  She would probably still be a joke to the public.

Had her family (even distant family like her cousin or her childhood friends) gotten involved and shown her compassion and love and gotten her the RIGHT kind of help without stripping her of her life and liberty, I think we would have a very healthy, happy Britney.  I think she would be flourishing artistically and she’d have another child or two.  None of the quick money grabs would’ve happened.  And I don’t think we would’ve gotten four albums...maybe 2 or 3...but they would’ve all been stellar.

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