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Is Doja Cat the next icon?

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I dont know what kinda "icon" she is or could be because i still dont understand her "nest" or her "way" but i cant help to get into her gig because there is so much fun and soooo much talent.

She raps, sings, dance, produce and is weird af... on top of that (it doesnt matter tho) she is really gorgeous.

- Almost all her live performances are with live vocals or w/a pre-recorder

- She serves looks

- Has an amazing stability in streams

- Can jump in any genre

- She kinda rules TikTok BUT the gp create the trends and then she uses it, which i think is really cool

- She has solo writing credits in a lot of songs and thats rare in the female rap game

- Her videography is kinda awesome

- Her stage presence is great in award shows and in small concerts/shows too

- Can handle minimalistic visuals

- She is **** but she can be cute too

I dont know, call me crazy but i think something is starting with this chick, she eat in the rap game, the pop game and im sure she will eat the reggaetton game too any time.

And Planet Her, her last album, reminds me a lot to Blackout so... its been years since i havent crushed so hard on a pop album, actually since Blackout, so my brain is cliking things

I wont start with "that" discussion, Doja IS a rapper and thats on PERIOD. And i think that is why she does pop so well, because she has flow, she has beat, she has that "sticky" factor that real pop is supossed to have. Is like Daddy Yankee, he does regaetton but he IS a rapper and some of his hits... are pop. Pop is what is popular (thats vague).

So, what y'all think? I'll post some of her better performance if u wanna see, besides, we all love to have the reason lmao, tell me if u can sense the ICON here:


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I think she will really rule for at least 6-7 years, she is truly loved I believe though I am not a huge fan of hers at this point I think my love for Britney just cannot be topped maybe I've grown too old or literally with her :wontcry_tears_crying_sad:

But, Doja is truly a talent - I do love her couple of songs, she's featuring with great artist so I believe she will be more big in coming years. She's a full package IMO - but no shade her dancing is quite off for me but she does have a good stage presence. 


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I feel like the days of “icons” are over. I don’t see any potential icons now or in the foreseeable future. In the early 2000’s, the icons of today weren’t just singers, they were artists and performers. There’s nothing memorable in today’s music. They’re all just singers who are fads, not future icons.
Who was the last artist to reach truly iconic status?

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21 hours ago, britney_rocks said:

People use the word “icon” too loosely around here 

Rihanna Whatever GIF

People use the word “icon” too loosely in general. Did you see the video of Paris talking about the Stars Are Blind 15th anniversary? She calls the video “iconic” but the video itself is no where near that. The actual song and her album were near-iconic but the video of her grinding on the beach…


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I miss the days of proper promotion and artists with a team of PR staff. I think social media is the worst way to promote and that’s what the issue is with singers these days. Social media is good for singers to communicate with their fans and the public but as a full blown promotion strategy, I don’t think it works. 


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