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@FreeBritneyLive: Jamie considering relinquishing control of the conservatorship, finally laying the path for Britney's freedom

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Don’t know if y’all seen this. The only reason I believe it Is because they claim it’s the same source that told them about Larry “hours before media” broke the news! Also because I want to believe this to be true!

Also, with the whirlwind of news, I wouldn’t be surprised!

If true… HOLY ****!


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33 minutes ago, Forever222 said:

It’s over. :cigney_britney_smoking_smoke_lit_light_2007_fur_cigarette:

If he is stepping down it’s probably because his lawyers are done, every argument they present will be used against them. 

Vivian and the Jeryll’s will want to move into defence mode. Lawsuits are coming for them all. 

Or he begged Britney not to sue him if he relinquishes the conservatorship immediately which might be a long battle if Jamie chooses to fight back.

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