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Will.I.am: scream & shout & FreeBritney

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1 hour ago, MoonArcher said:


big fat bass is a bop too, I listened to this song much back so then :goat_monster_devil_dance_dancing_makeup_brush:

I don't mind will and brit again, one track is fine right?

britney spears white girl dance GIF



I cant watch this performance, she seems to be in so much pain and now we kind of know why...not even one smile she could fake in here. Poor Britney.

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10 minutes ago, Buffybot said:

He seems to really care about Britney. He talked bad things about her family and team way before FreeBritney becomes trendy.

Shared the hashtag when people called a conspiracy theory.

Agreed...I think he's one of the few people who have worked with Britney that constantly gush about her and show support (I know nearly everyone she's worked with says good things, but he's so consistent lol), and I'm here for it. I think Britney's fans give him a lot of crap for BJ (which I admit I actually liked when it came out :pieceofwhat_britney_awkward:), but I feel like Britney's team messed up what could have been a better album. I mean, S&S was awesome, so...:weirdmeout_umm_ok_what_weirded_britney:

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