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4 minutes ago, Prachi said:

This is media, this time media cannot be Against her (TMZ not included here) - people heard Britney's truth there's no way around for anybody this time to twist this. 

I read a lot of articles and 95% comments on it are in favour because people have heard it, even if you twist it nobody is buying any of it. 

On Dailymail people are not always on her side 

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8 minutes ago, Goodgood said:

Something is off. Are you telling me the same media that torn her down is now fighting for her? 

Something is off! I'm not buying it!


I was thinking about this too. People loved Britney when she first became famous, then they decided they all hate her and that's she's a bad mother, now they love her again. General public can't be trusted because if Britney makes a single mistake again, she's gonna be hated by gp

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They get clicks and views by supporting it. That's why they are talking about it. 

People like Britney they wanna see her succeed , the public wanna see her succeed and be free and since the public are talking about it the media are giving the public what they want. 

The media likes to build people up to tear people down and then build them up to tear them down again rinse and repeat. So the positivity won't last 

This is also a human rights issue. It's also vaguely political as corruption in conservatorships is a hot button issue and Britney is the face of it in a way. 


Celebrity. Wealth corruption abuse. Women's rights.force labour. Mental health. Tragedy. Public movement. This story has it all it's like catnip for the media 

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  • Exhale+

She became incredibly famous in a short period of time - it felt like overnight she was absolutely everywhere in the media.  And remember, her rise to fame preceded social media, so in a way, media outlets in general were much more limited than what we know today - there are so many more choices now in terms of accessing news/current events.  My parents, who were not interested in pop culture in the least bit, became curious about her after seeing the Pepsi commercials on network TV. Take away Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for a moment.  We got our news from TV, newspapers/magazines, and the internet, but the internet wasn't nearly as interactive as we see it now.  However, the internet made it easier for tabloids to quickly spread paparazzi footage of celebs' everyday lives.  From 1998-2004ish, Britney's life was being broadcast to many people who weren't interested, which made it extremely easy for them to point out her flaws.  She was on every magazine cover, which was a big deal because magazines were actually everywhere.  So it was hard to avoid hearing about her or seeing her.  The internet made it easier for tabloids to quickly spread paparazzi footage of celebs' everyday lives. The media's critical obsession with her was fueled by  as the mean headlines were more profitable than the nice ones.  She was an easy target because she was so beautiful and charismatic - it seemed like she had a charmed life, so an outsider will look for flaws or weak spots. 

To those of us who are able to reflect on a time twenty years ago, we are nostalgic for the incredible star power of young Britney.  It's easy to see NOW that the media's obsession with her was extremely detrimental to her physical and emotional well-being.  At the time, it was just what was on TV at that moment - another Britney headline.  Her exploits were tabloid fodder, which made it easy to laugh at her misfortune and downfall. My parents have been following the Free Britney movement because they remember her as a pop star who made the regular news, and her headlines became more and more tragic as the years went on.  Sorry for the essay, I just have been feeling super emotional about this whole thing and your question/statement, "I don't buy it" is an absolutely legitimate assumption to draw.  Britney was trashed in popular media.  A lot of it was schadenfreude.  But schadenfreude doesn't cover actual human suffering of an innocent person, so the media has seemingly changed its tune. 

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I think the media is excited to see her with her guard down so they can become invasive with her again. Britney's life will still be very complicated for her after this conservatorship is over and I really hope she has some good people to keep around her after it ends. I hope she isn't completely alienated from Kentwood and her family because she needs people. 

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5 minutes ago, Sea flower said:

As the girls from the NY Times pointed out, the people working in media now are not all the same who worked in 2007, there has been a change of generation and also point of view. Milenials have management jobs now, not students anymore :)

They have the same corporate owners tho and are still monopolized.

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Just now, Sea flower said:

Yes, but the owners do not write the articles, they collect their money.  Usually the chief editor is responsible for the content.

But they have to keep their advertisers happy or there is NO MEDIA. Trust me - it's all skewed. 

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I agree. We live in a very cruel world. I'm very worried if Britney gets her freedom back that the vultures will eat her alive again the second she even looks like she makes a mistake. We don't really live in a world where people bring each other up and keep them there. Some people are stomped down and they stay there and then there's people like Britney that goes in both directions. TEAR HER DOWN! Give her a break, show some sympathy, situations improving. TEAR HER DOWN AGAIN! Same old **** again and again.


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