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I AM BRITNEY JEAN documentary-now more like a twilight zone episode

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This was such a bizarre era. Knowing now how much control the family had over Britney's career, this feels like a huge ego trip for the family. It feels really self serving of Jamie & Co. to structure an entire era around the idea of family and Britney's "personal" side of life. Cringe then and even more cringe now.

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The scenes with Britney and her boys are super cute though. The way her face lights up when she hears Jayden start playing piano while she's in the kitchen :sendinglove_kissing_heart_love_blowing:

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Yeah, I remember watching this and I was completely off with this only when she was with her boys I felt she has real happiness. 

If you go and watch any scenes with her father - you'll notice how stiff she becomes this whole era was bizarre. 

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You put this girl under THIS much pressure - this documentary is almost entirely focused on hard work and serious pressure - yet you don't think she can control her own life? If she needed a conservatorship, WHY did you allow this type of pressure to be put on your so-called "fragile" daughter!

It's literally ALL LIES.

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