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Just a reminder: About this Jamie vs. Jodi narrative

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I feel like they just want to push this narrative that Jodi and Jamie are at odds with each other, to make it seem like Jodi is the lesser of two evils, for us to root for her to stay as Britney’s conservator.  But really behind the scenes they are all working together. 

hence the:

   texts supposedly from Britney

   News like this from TMZ (of course)

   Moves from Jodi that make her seem good.        ( that request she made for Britney) 


IDK about these yall. Im not saying no to the possibility that Jodi probably saw the light. But Let’s still be vigilant. Britney wants total freedom. She wants to abolish the conservatorship and its whole abusive system. Remember that.

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totally agree - we have to stay vigilant and not lose sight of the goal - to END the conservatorship.

i see a lot of talk of about too many things that do not matter as the point in question here is to end the conservatorship NOW.

who will be the attorney? who cares if the conservatorship ends.

who gets to chose the attorney? doesn't matter if the conservatorship ends.

does jodi need security because of being her conservator? wont need it if the conservatorship ends.

should ingham resign? it doesn't matter if the conservatorship ends.

should we talk about her care plan? she doesn't need one if the conservatorship ends.

its so disgusting that they keep going around it in circles after all this time... i legitimately hate all of them so much.

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