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Was Blackout a turning point for Britney?

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I know a lot of ppl love this album, me included.

But sometimes it feels like a turning point for her, her songs sounded much more of  R&B previously to this.

She even went to the radio and some songs where leaked  like Rebellion, which I love too, but did she really wanted to go far away from R&B? ...

I can't explain this right, its a mood...but very defining for her and the rest of her music from this point on I feel...


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Just now, Stannedforever said:

Blackout was the album that ITZ would have been if she had the same amount of creative freedom :saycheese_make_me_mm_hat_smile_peace_sign_grin_glory_britney:

Completely agreed, people who call Blackout her magnum opus should realise this is not even her slight peak. She has been controlled after this. 

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For sure. I think it would've led to more experimentation had her team not interfered. I've always wanted Britney to do an album in the vein of "Perfect Lover." That song is immaculate and fits her so well. "Dramatic," "Rebellion," and "Sugarfall" are great examples of the creative brilliance her team continuously suppressed.

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