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So what happened in 2016?

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Not only was she in control of her craft and music, but her physique did look this good for years! Last time she was that fit was during pre-BO days.

the BBMA performance in the red suit and Make Me performance in yellow suit were fire 🔥 🔥 🔥  

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Sometimes you just force yourself to look and feel good, to survive. I think she's very strong and she managed to get the best out of her nightmarish situation...clearly couldn't laat long. Plus i'm sure She still can be very passionate at her job, if made under her terms!

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9 hours ago, Riko said:

I would like to know what’s your opinion about 2016. What could have happened to her that she regained her passion back then? I remember the fanbase discussing about her being single again possibly made the change, but knowing the facts now I just don’t know… ‘Cause in the light of recent informations we have all agreed why she had looked stiff and passionless for a whole lot of time. Why 2016 is an exception then?


Could it be that she was finished with an album she actually liked and contributed to? And that’s it?

Or any other reasons? 
Please share what you think!

Because of "Glory". She LOVED recording that album. That's the new Britney. Whoever doesn't like or even get that album is in trouble as a fan because that's her 100%.

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8 hours ago, Riko said:

Very good point. So might be her way back then to show she is only willing to give more when that jerk is out. Not sure if it was conscious but might be. Maybe she was just happier and that’s it but based on what you wrote it could be a message for her whole team…

So the entire 2.0 was designed without Jamie probably even being there…

this would explain why she began Choreograph a different part of the show(bom, tomh) and had better outfits.

Not saying Bryan is a saint, tbh I grew up under an abusive religion and strict family. So I can definitely understand how the family could at times think they were doing the right thing, and this is only a family situation…so maybe Bryan knew it was all wrong but was convinced it was right because it was “for the family”

they all seemed to be falsely convinced that all of Britney’s success stems from them and team con…last time I check we don’t scream for Bryan or JL at concerts….

the entire family has lived through Britney and all seriously jealous of her

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7 hours ago, ubritney said:

She was off her meds. There were many blind items about it and it just made sense with what was going on.

This make so much sense!!!!

Can you find those blind items

honestly I feel like black mirrors Ashley O was  Miley’s way of getting brits story out…

from the moment I saw that episode I thought it was about Britney not about Hannah Montana 

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7 hours ago, HardToForgetYa said:

Not only early 2016, but also August 2015... I don't know what happened but she ate the damn stage... She was THE.*******.BOSS


Aww this just made me so sad that she is retiring, if this is Britney off her meds then this all the evidence that she never needed them to work

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8 hours ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

If I'm correct, at this time, Jamie Lynn was working on country music of her own, and Jamie chose to move to her, rather than stay with Britney. This affected his position as tour manager, if I'm correct, and Bryan was appointed this position temporarily.

Pretty much this one. It really seemed like a pleasant year for Britney after 5 years. I could even argue 2017 Britney was a whole lot joyful too and to an extent, 2018ney. Then from there well...

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26 minutes ago, ToxicMadness said:

lol  who is that in your profile pic, damn. :letitburn_elmo_fire_flames_burn:

Chris Redfield from RE8 it’s a naked version mod 

You can play the game with him naked, but his **** is always erect which is nice but I wanna see a nice hung sloppy one swinging around killing zombies and **** 

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5 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

many articles said she was off her meds, and there were many rumors Jamie was seeking termination of the conservatorship ( :cackling_cackle_lol_what_unbelievable_disbelief_glasses_meme: ) 

and as she said on the Jonathan Ross interview, the conservatorship had been more restrictive in previous albums but somehow a change happened with Glory where she had more control and input. 

Also it's not just that she was single, but she also had this friend/coach Strawberry 

Not to mention all the original conservatorship chained the house imagery in the glory artwork that was initially planned

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2 hours ago, Britman512 said:

they all seemed to be falsely convinced that all of Britney’s success stems from them and team con…last time I check we don’t scream for Bryan or JL at concerts….


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It seems that every time Britney was feeling better and regaining control, the conservatorship was quick to do something to pull her back i.e. she started feeling empowered while w/David Lucado and then Jamie bought a video of him kissing some girl. She was feeling passionate, motivated and powerful during 2018 rehearsals for Domination (see youtube vids of rehearsals and Brit saying in court she was GREAT) but then she refuses a dance move and the conservatorship says, uh oh, she's getting too powerful, she's not doing everything we say, so they punish her, put her on lithium.  

My theory is that your body gets used to any drug after taking it for years, so whatever they were using to keep her zombie-like was wearing off after being on it for several years (per Brit's testimony) or just working well, so she was feeling more powerful and back to her old self, then they drugged her with something more powerful when they realized it wasn't doing it's job (not the job of making her well, but the 'job' of making her quiet, silent, submissive).  As someone else mentioned, 2016 she did Glory and stated several times that the producer of that album was really great and made it very fun (I forget her name, but she is thanked in the album booklet for Glory) and that's when she met Sam Asghari during the Slumber Party vid.  So she did a great album, met a great guy and was making great strides through the end of the Vegas show and coming in to Domination, but she was also being worked harder and harder and was tired and that's when the **** hit the fan in 2018/2019...after that she said f$^# you to her management after this abusive situation of keeping her confined for 4 months and said she would not work anymore.  Another thought/theory about 2016 is that even though she did press and it was very limited/monitored, maybe they reduced her meds because they knew she would need to promote the album?  Or because she was so confined she was happy to get to interact with more people about an album that she was actually excited/proud of?


It's sad that just as she was regaining power and control they traumatized her for 4months to wear her down.  But that's why it's so huge she spoke up.  She will reclaim her power and identity no matter what!  If a person can find moments of happiness and joy and hope even amidst the darkest, craziest situations, they will definitely be able to experience more and more joy when they are no longer within those dark forces.  Her speaking up will absolutely help in the healing process  and for her to recover from traumas and I hope she goes harder than ever on a new show or tour that she WANTS to do at some point just to show how she can do it on her own and it will be more amazing than ever.  She will even be able to speak up and talk about her experience in whatever way she chooses.  I'm amazed and inspired by her strength and ability to keep going even when it probably felt very very hopeless.  Go Brit!

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4 hours ago, HIM said:

Chris Redfield from RE8 it’s a naked version mod 

You can play the game with him naked, but his **** is always erect which is nice but I wanna see a nice hung sloppy one swinging around killing zombies and **** 

Wait he's not real !? Kill me now.

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