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Lynne Spears requests that Britney is allowed to hire her own attorney as she has proven she has capacity

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49 minutes ago, Slayer said:

Also look at Lynne acknowledging Britney has earned hundreds of millions of dollars  :lemmetellu_telling_preaching_yelling_talking_points_finger:

My thoughts too, and yet she's only worth $60 million? :gerlwat_sunglasses_cigarette_looking_what_blink:

Glad someone in her family is finally stepping up!!

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I feel like both Jamie and Lynne are trying to quickly save face. Jamie hammering Jodi and asking that an investigation happen immediately to address Britney’s testimony claims, and now Lynne asking Britney be allowed her own counsel. Just a sudden shift to suddenly appear on Britney’s side and super concerned suddenly you know? As long as it results in this conservatorship ending, I’m all for it. But as Britney said, regardless of them possibly changing their time now “those who’ve done this to me should not get away so easily” (not sure if that was exact). 

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3 minutes ago, Onyxgirl17 said:

I think it was after she went with Britney in 2019 to court that she lawyered up and became an interested party. 

So after they forced Britney to stay at the mental facility... Interesting :mhmsureny_hmm_thinking_ponder_unsure_what_Tiffany_pollard_ny_New_York_miss_ms_sure: Maybe it helped Lynne to wake up

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C'mon Lynn! I knew you'd come around and do the right thing! I appreciate everyone coming out of trauma/depression/their own wrongs and stepping up and doing the right thing. Free Britney movement also gave her the courage to finally step her game up. I am proud. A couple of years ago when she was liking comments tagged with #freebritney,  I was suspicious as hell but now I see her. I'm grateful. Women who have suffered from patriarchal system and trauma and not having the courage or power to stand up for themselves shouldn't be punished or judged. We gotta lift each other up. I truly appreciate this. 

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I understand that a lot of people question Lynne and they don't like her. For me though after reading how abusive Jamie was (I'm new to following all this but have been a fan of Britney for a long time since Baby One More Time and Mickey Mouse Club) I can't hep but wonder if Lynne has been a huge victim herself and fearing for her life due to threats from Jamie. That Ronan article made it seem Jamie was a very threatening man and even Lynne had to hide who she was talking to on the phone and stuff. Maybe now that Britney has spoke out its given Lynne the courage to try do more if that makes sense. I'm happy about this and look forward to seeing what comes of it. Prayers for Britney that she gets her life back. 

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Wow so people complain when Lynne wasn’t helping now she does this and people complain?

Its the same when fans cry that celebs don’t speak out then when they do fans still complain smh

Lynne is no saint, but why not be happy she’s doing something now that could help free Britney?

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32 minutes ago, boyinthemirror said:

I hope Lynne holds enough weight for the judge to do what is right. Her request arguments could have been stronger though.

Assuming Britney's capacities in 2008 were really bad compared to today is SO SO stupid, I know she was trying to make a point but still. She's so full of sh1t, sorry guys. :gtfo_britney_pink_wig_2007_mad_annoyed_irritated_stare: Haven't we all seen Mannequin choreo? Britney doing a ton of dangerous stunts EVERY NIGHT, 97 times during Circus Tour? She never, ever needed or deserved any of this. Choosing your own lawyer is a RIGHT that should have never been denied to her.

But that being said, stand up for your damn daughter, help her get out of the mess you and others created. It's never too late for that.

Having bashed Lynne myself a few times, we cannot disagree and not look into some points:

  • Remember that everybody was worried around 2007. It was a dark time. I don't know how much is made up, and how much is real, but it was messy. Perhaps everybody - including Britney - thought this was good for the first 1-2 years. Perhaps they thought it protected her.
  • We just KNOW that when Jamie managed to make it permanent, to exploit Britney, he used her kids as 'blackmail'. Ever since, Britney herself has been playing his game. It's very much possible that she herself told her mom and other people that she didn't want to fight it, because she didn't want to upset Jamie.
  • In fact, Jamie has (recently? 2018-on perhaps) started to play other tactics to force Britney to do what he wants, and the thought that things could get even worse (as they did, in 2019) could have stopped Britney, Lynne and whoever else to try and end this. It took a lot of courage to really start things and to step her foot to finally do what she did.


Even if all of this happens to not be the case, better late than never, and Britney really does need ALL help she can get. So I'm with Lynne in this one.

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52 minutes ago, Anabia said:

Do we know when Lynne started getting involved in the cship, like bringing her own lawyer ? 

50 minutes ago, Onyxgirl17 said:

I think it was after she went with Britney in 2019 to court that she lawyered up and became an interested party. 

It was before she went with Britney to court.

may 6, 2019

  • Britney’s mother, Lynne, files to be updated on details of the conservatorship

may 10, 2019

  • Britney and her mother appear in court for status hearing
  • Britney speaks before Judge Brenda Penny in closed session
  • Another status hearing is set for September 18

Here is a timeline:


So at that hearing in 2019, both, Lynne and her attorney, already heard Brit's testimony. So I think this is just an attempt to save face at least a bit, cuz a lot of things got exposed by Britney. It is no longer possible to keep it as a family secret.

But I guess any help is good. So...

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33 minutes ago, Anabia said:

Do we know when Lynne started getting involved in the cship, like bringing her own lawyer ? 

After the institute stay, which Lynne seemed to have found out about more so through the press of it. I think she knew a little but not the full story. Then she went to Britney’s side and went to court with her, hearing everything that was said she hired an attorney (not paid for by Britney directly through the conservatorship) and asked for access to Britney’s medical files. And the c-ship really fought her on that. I think she’s been believing naively all this time that Britney had been being treated for some mental disorder and this was all needed. She may have been told Britney wanted this mental health stay/needed it for the same reasons her management claimed. But after learning they switched her medication and everything else it clearly opened her eyes to question WHAT they were doing to her child. 

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i cant wrap my head round the fact that Lynne chills with Juno Lynn while she is filming her flop show durig times like these. i mean do they avoid the elephant in the room? do they pretend britney doesnt exist? clearly with JL being on Loucifers side, Lynn cant possibly share any progress or plans she makes with her lawyer, because JL would pass everything on to Loucifer?

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