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Which Team CON member is most despised?

The hardest poll - which Team CON member...  

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Reva Goetz - because evil people will always exist, yet she’s the one that’s supposed to protect the abused and see justice be served… she’s the one in a position of power and she’s the one who allowed this to happen. It was her duty to defend the defenseless.

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Lou because she was the mastermind behind this all and Kevin because he literally went on a mission to publicly seeks revenge on Britney. These two are the absolute worse and the biggest leeches to enter Britney’s life — and the literal reason why she is in a conservatorship.

As far as James, Lynne, JL, etc., they were all unfortunately naive and never well-equipped when it came to handling Britney and her level of fame. They were easily influenced by many external factors and the wrong people.

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