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Cuomo discusses Britney's case with Adam Streisand on CNN: we adultified her as a child, and infantilize her as an adult

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1 minute ago, Onyxgirl17 said:

She should rehire him lol he’s ready to go toe to toe with Vivian

I really liked That Surprise Witnesses live tonight. She made a good point that if she was Britney she would hire someone from the east coast or somewhere far away from The LA a probate court who wouldn’t be entrenched in the cronyism. But, Britney might feel comfortable with Streisand since she already tried to work with him. 

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5 minutes ago, Politik said:

Wow! What he said about Britney being adultified as a child and she has been infantilized as an adult. That is spot ON! I hope Britney hires him back cause he seems genuine and has her best interests at heart! 

this leads me to believe he's reading some stuff about her on social media bc/ I've seen posts of people saying the exact same thing " adultified as a child and infantilized as an adult". I've seen that all over twitter and insta

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