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My New #FREEBRITNEY Anthem is ready (Remix and Video)

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Hey guys


I had a live Britney mix I did in an arena go viral on TikTok! (thanks for the support on it BTW) But it was only 15 seconds :(


So because I didn't have the full video of the crowd singing along, I had to do the next best thing which was to recreate the live version with some fresh new elements. I redid the intro (thanks Miley!) and added some cool bass effects and then mixed in....well how about yall just have a listen and let me know what you think? We then made a video and tried to tell her story of what she's going through to create more awareness.




p.s. I'm thinking to make a full Britney mix using her songs to tell a deeper story. Maybe even use audio clips from her deposition...let me know ideas and your thoughts.





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