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Hey guys! Question!

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I’m conducting my first radio interview tomorrow for one of New England’s largest radio stations. I have a good idea of what topics I’ll be focusing on however, are there any key points that aren’t being talked about enough that you guys think I should add? Let me know! And yes this is all in regards to #freebritney and Britney’s story in general. 

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i think its important to note that an official diagnosis for her "grave" mental illness has never been made... i think you should point out that there is no proof she was mentally unstable and that the conservatorship was not "needed" or "beneficial" in the beginning... it was a ploy since day 1.

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Loving these answers and I’ll respond tomorrow morning! Keep in mind that radio is quick and we have a select amount of time. I have to explain the key elements such as what this movement is, a conservatorship, key players, why were disputing, details, what others can do to help. We’ll also be answering questions from listeners. I wanted to focus this post on the details part. Key points that haven’t been mentioned enough. You know who LoU is def already in my notes. Everyone have a good night and I’ll check in tomorrow morning. Night!

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1. They probably are stealing her money.

2. She was put under c-ship by breaking the law (she wasn’t inform in advance etc)

3. She was never diagnosed any mental disorders but they are forcing her to take medications + she was never an addict and it’s just a media narrative

4. she admitted that she is being abused by all that people and want them to be in jail!


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Lou Taylor®️

Britney's kids having a restraining order against their grandfather 

The $600+ she has in a trust fund which the media never talk about 

Britney reporting herself as being a victim of conservatorship abuse :kidcries_crying_sad_tearing_up_sobbing:

Vanilla scented candles 

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4 minutes ago, MoonArcher said:


No one that struggle with mental health have to be under a conservatorship, specially someone around 27 years old.


This - let’s explore how a 39 year old woman who has been working her whole life can still be under a conservatorship.

How is she so unwell that she can work and make millions yet can’t have a say about her own life?


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