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Britney's son Jayden: "relax it's not like she's held hostage she's fine"

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Please keep comments respectful about Britney's children.

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I think we can take a small sigh of relief that she’s doing okay. I have some mixed thoughts on this however (apologies if n advance if anything I’ve said below is out of line) 

The stuff Britney said about being monitored by the nurses who watched her undress and not being allowed to leave did sound very much like a hostage situation, atleast from my outsider perspective.

I also think most mothers will also try to shield their kids from whatever negative stuff is going on around them and she, being the amazing, selfless mother that she is, put on a happy face for them and downplayed the situation. 

Also something to think about is that these boys have only ever know their mother to be in this situation. So what’s shocking to us maybe somewhat normal for them? (Which is really sad to think about)  But ofc this is all just  conjecture.


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Oh I dont agree with posting this sort of thing even if relevant to the situation. We've got people here sending death threats out all over the place. I imagine its hard enough for their parents to shield them from this as it is. It takes a village. Leave the kids out of it completely imo.

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Pretty sure that Britney tries not to burden them with her personal struggles and that she tries to keep their lives as normal and worry-free as she possibly can, like any great mother would do. She probably does whatever she can to have a great time together and listen and help with their problems or hobbies instead of her own. 

So Jaydens comment seems like nothing more than just another proof she is a great mom to me. :bedtime_britney_book_Reading:

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hos·tage | \ ˈhä-stij  \

Definition of hostage


a: a person held by one party in a conflict as a pledge pending the fulfillment of an agreement

b: a person taken by force to secure the taker's demands

2: one that is involuntarily controlled by an outside influence


Does it ring a bell?


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Knowing everything we know about Britney... I don't think she'd go into details about the bad parts of her situation with her kids. They are the biggest loves of her life & anytime she does get with them...she'd want to make it special. We all heard his mother's testimony & were horrified. If we're to believe he has even more into about it than what she shared in those 23 minutes...it's hard to believe that he would be telling anyone to chill. That's essentially what EVERYONE involved in the conservatorship has said, with only a few people in her life defending her & what SHE has said. 

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This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot:

How will her kids feel when the reality of their mother’s situation finally sinks in.

I’m quite sure everyone around them – including (especially?) Britney – wants to protect them from the harsh reality. I know I would if they were my sons.

I imagine that when they see their mom, she really doesn’t want to dwell on the bad things in her life but be there for them in the moment and enjoy their precious time together.

What they now hear and read from the media contradicts their own experience. Human mind has an incredible capacity to block and reject facts that don’t fit with what it believes to be true.

So I don’t expect these children (yes, still quite young boys) to start to accept the harsh reality anytime soon – and to be honest, for their sake I kind of wish they didn’t have to learn this soon that so much of their life was a lie. It would be easier to process this if you were an adult with some rudimentary skills to go through complex emotions.

I do think that as adults, we should leave them alone and just send them love, because once they understand what has actually been going on, it will be heartbreaking and very painful to them – as well as to their mom.

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It's impossible to know what his experience has been, but he is undoubtably influenced by his father. I do remember when he did that instagram live and when his mom said she might not make music anymore, his response was, 'What? What are you saying? Do you know how much bank you make off of that stuff?'

I don't think this represents her son so much as the influence in his life. Everything is about money. 

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