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Team Con has access to BreatheHeavy

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6 minutes ago, NewDisplayName said:

They are not just reading.. they are posting as well..



2 minutes ago, Riko said:

Maybe even Cassie is among us. Trying to extend the narrative here. I wouldn’t be surprised if as a social media manager she’d have the obligation to gather some informations from here.


yup. that ami persona from atrl (exposed twitter acc) is here but the ****ed up thing is i cant find her posts because the thread for ''live hearing'' dissapeared. but she is def here

i left atrl cuz of her bull**** and mass reporting of my posts (after we went after her, she accused us of bullying and went on a reporting spree...to the point i cant go back until the mods finally ban her ***. IF they decide to though)


It's not HARD to get on atrl. people buy atrl accs online. I think thats why all of us believed her in the beginning. I just wish someone who has an atrl acc goes there and takes screenshots of her topics in the lounge and members lounge before they get down by her)

idk about cassie tho. well if u see someone obsessing over avril, thats her lol

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39 minutes ago, FreeBritBrit said:

and the other issue, its super easy for them to make an acc here and enter the threads

i think jordan should pull off atrl for few months and close the registrations. but its his site so, his choice

I second this. 

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