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Is there a difference between radar on circus and blackout

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No difference, only on circus due to contractual obligation of it being a single during Blackout (which didn't happen due to the situation back then) :) 



However, fun fact - when Circus leaked on torrent sites back in 2008, this was the version included with the download. Pretty sure this was just an error (from what I recall all tracks leaked bar one or two and the torrent uploaded was a compilation of all the online leaks, not a direct CD rip or anything similar). To clarify, it is fan-made. 



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It’s not really audible without a good sound system/pro headphones, but if you compare the Circus raw master file to the Blackout one you’ll see that the original from Blackout is in higher quality & less compressed.






8 hours ago, Rik said:

We all know why it’s on both albums but 

….Is there any difference in the mastering? 


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1 hour ago, Body ache said:

The original Radar along with the rest of Blackout sounded perfect. They remastered that whole album and now it sounds too generic. Loved the gritty vibe of the original.

Can you explain this a little bit? :katycream_perry_witness_nod_yes: Or where does it sound generic? 

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