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Lou M Taylor: “Stealing 1,000 a day is 365,000 a year.”

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“Becoming 1% better per day is 37x better per year.” :tiffcackle_Tiffany_miss_ny_New_York_pollard_laugh_giggle_lol_haha_hehe: what the **** does that even mean? :tiffcackle_Tiffany_miss_ny_New_York_pollard_laugh_giggle_lol_haha_hehe: And how do you measure the “1% better per day” rate? By how often you Sue fans, buy pro-cship Web domains, and steal Britney’s money? :tiffcackle_Tiffany_miss_ny_New_York_pollard_laugh_giggle_lol_haha_hehe:

Yeah you’re trying Lou… trying it! :queenflopga_pink_sass_walking_away_bye:

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