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BBC radio: Britney is moving to the UK as soon as she's free

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Don't know if it's true but she definitely should. The US legal system is so ****ed up and wrong not to say what the country has turned into politically, such a massive mess and whenever she gets out of the conservatorship they are going to put a magnifying glass on her life to look for the slightest mistake she does to try to argue that she was better off with the conservatorship. She's never going to be safe in LA or anywhere in the US after this... the only way is for to live overseas at least until the laws change which can take decades with the current state of politics being so slow and self-serving. 

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She’s always said she prefers UK

she basically only sees the boys in holiday time I think she owes it to herself to not be governed by Kevin and live a life that’s been stolen from her.

wouldn’t be surprised I support it.

I’m from the UK and my boyfriend has always said she should move here because she’ll be hot for like a week that she lives here then no one will care and not be interested at her in the supermarket. That’s how we are and what she wants and needs now.

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2 minutes ago, Pinky98 said:

Move to Kent or Cornwall Britney, get away from the snakes and into a country that doesn’t let this happen to people!! 

I’m from Kent would love that 

we country folk we wouldn’t notice and have no public transport to areas without difficulty but best thing next to London for work

very wealthy too 

perfect and discreet 

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