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LA Times: "Britney's comeback can be just as big as she wants it to"

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I don’t mind this - I like it and I agree with it a lot; of course if that is something that she wants we’ll be here, and we’ll be here if she decides to never come back as well; but there is no denying her star power, and this article highlights just that and I love that.

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11 minutes ago, Oxic said:

Yeah but that won't happen unless Britney gets out of the conservatorship. There is no way she would come back without getting out, so it not's like if she wants she could. And I don't believe Britney wants to be "Britney Spears" again, her wishes and desires in life have changed, you heard her.

I can see maybe an album. But I don’t think she’d do a full worldwide tour again.

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8 minutes ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:

Britney hates when people say “comeback” she’s always been here.

I can’t believe the media is already talking about touring, did they even listen to her testimony? She’s more than a machine created to entertain. 

I agree 100%.

She has other priorities.

After the c ship still comes k fed

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I don’t care if she ever releases anything or performs again but it would be kinda cool if she did a personal album (a real one not like Britney Jean Lmao) and used more of her natural voice like when she sang ‘Something to talk about’. I also reallllly hopes she writes her book one day, everyone talks about her and she deserves to tell her own story.

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5 minutes ago, Body ache said:

I think she wants to retire boo :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek:

Part of me feels she only wants to due to everyone taking advantage of her. Just like she said about how she work so hard to provide a living for everyone  yet she gets nothing in return. It’s so sad that she genuinely loves her job and greedy ********* ruined that for her. There was a time where she wanted to make 50 plus albums and now we don’t know if she still believes that :crying2_britney_crying_tears_2003_diane_sobbing_sad:

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1 hour ago, VanillaCandlez said:

At least for a long while. She has enough money to never work again, let’s hope she still does by the time she gets free (and that’s if she gets free at all ❤️)

This used to be true but Jamie & Co are legitimately putting her into bankruptcy. Once she is out she won't be that rich. 

I think she will have a looong break and once she is ready she will release a single here and there but more rock or country inspired. Homegurl sang live twice in 13 years and both of the songs weren't even hers lol I think she will finally be able to make the music she wants to make. 

She is a smart girl she knows she will have so get back to work at some point, she alleged it herself in the testimony but it will be on her own terms and far from the "Britney Spears" persona.

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1 hour ago, Freakshow__ said:

She already the biggest artist in the whole world... Not 1 year, not 2, 3...For many years! and i don't think that's what she wants, i feel like she enjoys being a little low key... If she's happy, i'm happy!

Girl this ain't true in 2021, Britney hasn't been the biggest artist in the world since 2009 at best :arianabye_grande_drive_ariana_pull_away_car_van_kiss_wave_goodbye_leave_leaving:

But it's ok, she doesn't even want to be.

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