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Slate Magazine Calls #FreeBritney Advocates a “Fringe Fan Group” who “revealed nothing”

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What a *****. What I got from skimming that was, he thinks we are pushing falsities (which isn't an incorrect statement, a lot of fans jump to conclusions on many things and we still don't know many of the specifics) but he seems annoyed we are trying to claim this "conservatorship abuse" platform as ours VS the civil unions who have been working so hard for so long...


Well, I'm sorry, but America is conditioned to only care about celebrities. IF you have a problem with that, take on the big media. At least now a celebrity has given your civil unions an extreme velocity and pressure now to create change, along with NATIONAL SUPPORT NOT ONLY FROM PEOPLE BUT FROM LEGISLATORS AND THOSE POLITICS AND LAW. 

What a stupid assignment. The editor should be ashamed (and yes I don't think it's the author's fault, sounds like an assigned piece). 

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Everyone that's worked with Britney in the last decade has said the same things.

Everyone that's been here and spear-heading (pun, always point out the pun) #freebritney didn't ask for nor do we need your counterpoint.


What a poor use of the phrase "whitewashing" 


This is a discount Jan trying to piss us off.  No thanks.  


Good try sweetie, now go sit down.


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I don't entirely disagree with the writer in the sense that it's Britney not the "movement" that's fighting for her freedom.

A lot of people are patting themselves on the back for simply commenting on her Instagram "what does this mean" "what is she trying to say" that's not to say people who simply want her to be in control of her life are hucksters. 

A lot of YouTubers , podcasters and influencers and indeed super fans have made bank or achieved notoriety from talking about her c/ship and have spread a lot of disinformation for clicks and personal gain. I mean for everything they've gotten right there's oceans of crap they've gotten absolutely wrong. 

Theres also a weird crossover of qanon and the save the children and so called anti illuminati tin foil hat brigade in the "free Britney movement" that simply unavoidable if you do a deep dive. 

I think shining a light and kind of making the media cover it is great. I think the disability advocate aspect of it is great. I think the loyal fan aspect is great but I do find the taking credit for things she herself has fought for and for her telling her truth, disgraceful self importance and actually in Court and media could ultimately negatively effect the coverage, it's not a fan movement it's an individual civil rights issue that people are trying to shine a light on so the person involved can speak for herself not so influencers can speak for her and make **** up. 


Some people need to stop acting like they personally have achieved something, seems like you're as entitled as her disgusting family if you're taking credit for something she fought for herself to say. 

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1 hour ago, Armchairrevolution said:

I don't entirely disagree with the writer in the sense that it's Britney not the "movement" that's fighting for her freedom.

Without the movement Britney wouldn't even fighting. Now she knows, people believe her side of the story.  

Let me post this quote here: 


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

From Mahatma Gandhi

And i do think fans know their boundaries. And it is her battle, of course BUT i like to see that her fans are not heartless and are supportive. 

You need a group of people to change the world and i hope conservatorships are over soon tbh. 

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