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Is Britney ready to leave the cship TODAY?

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I've been doing a lot of thinking. We're all screaming #FreeBritney and we do hope she gets free from her team and is finally able to do it all her way. But I'm also worried, and thinking about termination not being filled yet. I'm even scared to say it loud because I don't want to give anyone any reason to think this cship should last any second longer, but isn't it kind of scary that once she's out, she will sort of be left really alone? To deal with a thousand of different business affairs she kind of never really learned how to deal with?

While in this bubble they made her live on for the past 13 years, there must be a lot she doesn't have any idea on how to do. Unlike people who grow gradually and learn to manage their finances and contracts and other stuff, she will receive all of that as a bomb, once Team Con and her lawyers / conservators are out, and Jamie won't be there to 'give his support'. I wonder if that's why Ingham hasn't filled yet, maybe they talked about this issue? I'm worried :wontcry_tears_crying_sad:

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She was an adult when she first was enslaved by her father, and she already lived a pretty adult and mature life because of her career. I don’t doubt there will be some adjustments, but it shouldn’t be any different from a person moving out for the first time you know? You figure it out as you go. 

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I think it's unfair to ask for someone to be perfectly fine. We all have ups and downs and sometimes we feel like it's too much, that doesn't mean she needs someone to enslave her, she can be free and make mistakes like all of us. She worked pretty hard and she deserves her right to do whatever the F she wants with her life, even if that means retiring... I'm with her!

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1 hour ago, nthenwkiss said:

she had 6+ years in the business (her prime) on her own and she was fine.

But it was different, it was gradual, she knew the right people back then. It must be a real shocker, being handled as a child 13 years later...I hope there is a good transition plan for all of this, sincerely.

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Prepared or not, there's a lot of things she doesn't know, and I'm not talking about how to handle stuff, but like, there must be actual stuff that's been hidden from her, and everyone. So even if she was a finances guru, there needs to be an investigation to find out what's the real state of her fortune, what has her father done all these years, with all those companies, all those deals, there's even the situation regarding the Domination contract or even her current status with the record label. There might be obligations under her name that she may not be aware of.

So of course she needs to hire a team of experts that will help her with all of this, just like any other artist does. She needs an accountant, a lawyer, maybe even a new management team / business manager, not because she's planning a comeback, but there's obviously all of the things related to her royalties, catalogue, merchandise, trademarks, image, etc, not to mention social media and website.

She may even hire the services of Bessemer Trust or any similar institution that I bet will be willing to help her once she's out of the conservatorship. They may even reach out to her once she's freed.


And that's the thing, if the conservatorship really had any intentions of helping her, in all these 13 years they should've tried to teach her how to handle all the aspects of her life, from taking responsibility of her medical decisions, to how to handle her assets, how to deal with contracts or with people that may "influence" her into bad things. But of course that was never part of their plan.

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She's not working, the transition is not THAT bad or complex as it seems

It's basically transfer and hire some services for her new lifestyle, she's basically will spend some money and that's it.

They should make a plan to simplify her life to the max right now, 

Firing companies, people and firms and then re-hire a new management, and the list goes on... she will have tons of meetings tho.

Do you guys think the Lady Gaga management is a good option for her? to help her manage her new life in general? he's friends with Asghari...

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