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Britney Spears at the n°4 most popular wikipedia articles of the week

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Her wikipedia page got 893,000 views last week, as a result of the court hearing. The last time she got this amount of exposure was the week of the NYT documentary release (with 542,816 views)


The pop star has been under a conservatorship since a highly publicized episode in 2008. Despite being thirty-nine years old, her parents have control over her finances, and she had to politely ask in court for permission to remove an IUD. A Wednesday court hearing, wherein Spears read a statement detailing her conservatorship, has transformed the online "free Britney" movement from Marina Joyce-style conspiracy into a disability rights movement—disabled people often have to deal with conservatorship.


Most Popular Wikipedia Articles of the Week (June 20 to 26, 2021)

The amount of coverage she is getting is insane, queen of wikipedia btw! :katybelt_perry_witness_yelling_singing:

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