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SJB Trust Request. Allegedly. #tipthefeds

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I know how to access the docs confirming Satan's Stonebridge involvement and the dates of 'that bum kunt flop sister' ©®TM making her alleged request to the court...

I have seen several posts alleging that if the money was moved as alleged without court permission, that that would be money laundering/federal crimessss.

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I know there are several lawyers in the movement/think there are a couple who post here.

My request is simply for anyone that can, to advise what specific laws would have been allegedly broken. I have seen the RICO act mentioned. 

It is very easy to tip off the FBI. You can do it internationally, not just if you live in US. You do have to provide your full and real details but honestly at this stage of the game IDGAF. I want to do it and it's something we can all do. Bessemer's move just leaves Jamie in control despite highlighting how shambolic it is.

Ending the cship is outside the feds jurisdiction, but alleged money laundering/racketeering to the tune of $600 mil is not. We can get them to cause enough heat that the rats might just jump ship.

So let's have a discussion about what laws could have allegedly been broken and draft some tips.

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There are the Stonebridge docs listing Lewwww and the docs registering Stonebridge Panama. There are a few Google drives floating about. There are also articles about JLS making the request to the court. I'm working atm but will try post links later.

Also anyone reading that maybe can't answer those questions but are happy to submit a tip once we have something drafted... It would be cool if you could let me know in the thread.

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