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The United States Congress invites Britney to testify in open letter to her

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"We have been following your conservatorship battle with deep concern. We could see the struggle and torment you were enduring. We could see the obvious financial, emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of your conservators." They know.

I hope she decides to take this opportunity. This can be her chance to end this hell without having to fight in court for other years and years.

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9 minutes ago, Displayname30 said:

Probably a political stunt to influence votes and prove they are doing more than the opposition, but I don't really care. I think Britney would want to do this, and at the very least hope she sees this!

It’s a bipartisan approach from the sounds of it, although Gaetz seems like the type of politician that wouldn’t mind some credit for the reform of the whole effed up system 🤷🏻‍♂️

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What I dont understand is how they address her as if she was in the hands of her abusers when she still very much is at those same hands. 

How is it that the US congress can agree how horrible and unjust this is and no one can say ENOUGH, It's no longer up to judge Penny or Ingham or her dad. There has to be someone who can step in and end all of this. Why is this not happening?!

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You'll never see it my way because you're not me -Britney 

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5 minutes ago, nthenwkiss said:

she should definitely do it and get prepped by a profesional (a la olivia pope in scandal) she should take this opportunity to do a TELL ALL "interview"... no one has been given this change - with basically NO precedent; she has to do this.

it would be a HUGE opportunity and she should literally start from day one in february of 2008 and say EVERYTHING - all of it. in an organized yet passionate way.

i cant believe the power of Britney Spears - she should at least do it for the millions of people trapped in illegal conservatorships - she should do it for women, she has to do it.

with great power comes great responsibility - go ahead queen, as usual we'll have your back.

if she does this, she'll be free in minutes - and i think she should in her speech say that after this speech she'll need immediate protection.

It would make for an amazing Hollywood blockbuster imo. Lol. Her whole story and the climatic ending with explosive testimony before Congress, suing everyone involved, jail and criminal charges brought, judge disbarred - the whole nine yards! (I mean I’m a perfect world this would happen). 

Then the movie would end with her marrying Sam and having a baby before fading to the credits 😭 I can see it already 😭😭😭

If she ever works again she needs to name the record “Freedom” or something and collaborate with every artist that stood in solidarity with her AND donate the proceeds of the album sales to a charity for the empowerment of disadvantaged women or something. 

I know… I’m thinking too far ahead… a boy can dream lol

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16 minutes ago, Miguelblackpink said:

We should voice out to these senators that in order for Britney to accept this invitation they should extend their efforts by having the authorities pick her up.

I mean Britney in her own words said, that she can't go out her front door.

How else would she be allowed to go to Washington DC to speak out on her abusers? 

This invite is great but have the authorities pick her up and give her protection! 


for those who have twitter, please let Matt Gaetz know about this situation. It's not like Britney even has the liberty to accept an invitation just like that! She can't even go to her effing friends house !!

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Question: if Sam A shows Britney the invitation and she wants to go but her handlers say no - can congress authorize the DOJ or something to intervene and dispatch authorities to have her safely es***ted to congress in the capitol? 

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I don’t want to be negative but will Britney actually do it if there wasn’t anyone standing in her way. I mean after listening to her testimony I can see her being this powerful voice but at the same time I feel like she is too shy to go ahead and do something like that in the Congress. 

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