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UPDATE: Six NEW Britney related Blind Items. (NEW JLS blind)

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I don’t care if JL gets cancelled or not. I have disliked her since she was a kid. She comes across as an entitled, self-important brat to me. Her message rubbed me the wrong way as the way she spoke about Britney’s hopes were flippant with their hyperbole. “I don’t care if she wants to run off to have a million babies ..” (not exact but you get my meaning.). Who says stuff like that? She’s wanted ONE BABY GIRL for more than a decade. As a woman, that’s a basic human right to control your own body. “I support her and am involved only as a sister…” what does that mean? If your dad is abusing the crap out of your sister, where have you been? Why don’t you help your sister by standing up to him? I am a sister and have taken beatings for my siblings. I actually stopped my dad from forcing medication on one of my siblings before and it was later confirmed excessive for her condition (bipolarism). People make mistakes, but silence is being complicit. I’m sure you have a life Jamie Lynn, but be a sister in more than word or go to hell with your fake love. 

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U guys believe this blind items like they were confirmed. Most are super basic and can be fabricated tho, dont you think her team and loucifer will keep on trying to divide the movement and do damage control.

Sam is always the target by fear inducing to the fans, and Jamie Lynn defense blind item is just a bad taste joke.

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Britney clearly loves Sam but I am not at all surprised here. Britney has always dated someone who is not as famous as her, she really is a southern girl. 

Sam is definitely profiting from all this, I do believe that he is in it for the money though I don't know what can we say about this guy. 

It has always looked like this at least to me - I never got good vibes from him and to be honest all the people around Britney currently have no credibility to say the least. 

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4 minutes ago, THE BAJAN VIBE said:

I’m just surprised and sad for the Sam’s one. The others… don’t surprise me.:beyfedup_beyonce_sunglasses_fed_up_annoyed_ok_wow_smh:

well maybe don't treat it as a set in stone fact.. during her testimony she put everybody on blast but not Sam.. meaning it came straight from her mouth, she enjoys his company etc.. 

Is he benefiting from being Brit's boyfriend, well yes, of course... it's inevitable. But is Sam putting a lot of work to accomplish stuff? Definitely!

Just like Ricky Martin's husband.. he is now on magazine covers, have art galleries etc... but he also puts a lot of work into it...

Do we see Sam buying new car each month, partying in Vegas etc? No! so I guess we just need to wait and see and wish them all the best!!! :bedtime_britney_book_Reading:


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On 6/30/2021 at 4:23 AM, Stefi Hilton said:

i don't understand why you guys love this leech


Sadly, this is one of the...”slowest/not the brightest” fan bases out there. Took em 13 years to catch on that this woman is miserable and drugged (even after being fed For The Record)

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On 6/30/2021 at 4:57 AM, MyQueenBritney said:

and it’s especially hurtful considering they are trying to deal privately with an illness.

This part has to be about Jamie I think. Those recent pictures seem like he has some serious illness, maybe a cancer of some kind.

Then again, I don’t take these blind items seriously, I’m just speculating based on the pictures

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