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Britney’s Instagram Post: Dos and Don'ts if you are paps, fans, or anyone in my space

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Ok. I took screenshots, I paused it about 328 times, she’s wearing a mask and I don’t see an iota of pink in her hair (admittedly you don’t see much of her hair 🤦🏻‍♂️) Most likely its again stock footage Cassie had to hand, someone said earlier, you don’t need to wear a mask in Hawaii right now, Britney’s also vaccinated. To me it screams Lassie. 

1; Making a point about texting, so there’s your “confirmation” that Britney has a phone. 
2; The “editing” claims again. They’ve done this to her before (freaked her out with “edited pictures” and she snapped) hence Skinny as a needle came about, remember? I think this narrative is just trying to make out that she’s “paranoid”, I haven’t seen a single edited picture. Did you? 
3; Conveniently she’s using all these expletives. Not unheard of, but I think Lassie  is trying too hard. 
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5 minutes ago, Buffybot said:

The fact he reposted "Britney" story from monday... Fans keep saying he stopped to engage with that account but that's not the truth.

Not to mention the recent staged candids (well, If It's recent lol).

Anyway, Cassie likes the couple a lot. She has been liking his posts lately.

Mte bestie, he IS Team Con but for some reason a lot of people don't want to face the harsh truth.

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1 hour ago, Watch Me Work It said:

paps AND fans? what? we've been supporting her all week, I don't understand

There are paparazzi pics of her in Maui literally posted in this forum, which is a gross invasion of her privacy. She literally just begged the courts for more privacy.

I commented on the thread to say this but nothing happened and no one responded...sigh.

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21 minutes ago, Roger said:

What I don't get is how you all trust Sam ? Why can't we give him the benefit of the doubt ? Every person in her inner circle for the last 13 years had questionable motives to say the least, and whey they didn't they were pushed to the side (Charlie and David)... These IG posts are obviously old and odd, and the fact they perfectly match with the paps pics is even odder.

I guess we'll have to wait and see :katyfrog_perry_upset_um:


Is that gif real ??


jpp :katyfrog_perry_upset_um:


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4 minutes ago, Displayname30 said:

I commented on the thread to say this but nothing happened and no one responded...sigh.

I saw that and I completely agree with you. Even so, I think lots of folks were simply concerned (with good reason) about her well-being following her testimony, so I understand the interest. I also think it’s time to take a step back and let things unfold without hounding her. I would hope we’d know better than to slip back into commodifying her candids. It’s a complicated topic and I wish there was a solution. 

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Ok I think Britney actually posted this, this time bc it doesn't make sense at first lol :umwtf_britney_wth_um_wow_eyes_big_okay:

the first video is just a cute video of texting

the 2nd one is about paps editing her body and saying they should stop

the last video of the parade is her saying fans and paps should be marching in support of her

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I don’t know what to think of it all.  I’m right back to being just as confused as I was before her testimony.  On one hand, she could be in Hawaii and just wants a relaxing vacation after mustering up the courage to finally speak and be heard.  And she totally deserves that.  On the other hand, with some of this footage that looks like it’s recycled from 2020, it scares me to think team Con retaliated and sent her away somewhere.  It wouldn’t be the first time they did and covered it up.  I hate to think that but a lot of fans had their theories before.  Theories that turned out to be true.  She said it herself that she wished she could stay on the phone with the judge.  I don’t trust anyone around her as far as I can throw them.
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Alexa, play Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated”.

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I just wish these Instagram posts would end so we can focus on the important issue, the termination of the conservatorship. Let's not get distracted by this. They will come with different tactics, let's stop analyzing her posts which don't take us anywhere. Let's keep aware, we have to outsmart them.

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1 hour ago, MonaLisa613 said:

Even if she did post this, so what, she clearly doesn’t mean all fans. There ARE fans who do knit pick her to death ESP. her appearance, so if your a fan who feels targeted by this post, maybe you have a reason to be.

I know I don’t cuz I don’t have a reason too.

she's saying fans and paps should be supporting her in a march, not editing her pics

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57 minutes ago, Easy There said:

This is embarrassing.

Way to go throwing jabs at fans who are loosing their minds trying to help you. Some are even risking their careers at doing so. Some are even gonna get in legal troubles.











I truly hope she isn't in charge of her ig

no, she's saying paps and fans should should be supporting her in march (like the opps march video) and not editing her body

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1 hour ago, Onyxgirl17 said:

Yea, not sure how to interpret. If it’s Cassie trying to sow shade in the post or what. 

Imagine being Britney and having her fans think she doesn’t run her social media. You’re literally disregarding her words and thoughts and emotions. There are paparazzi pics of her and Sam taking selfies together. She was wearing the same bikini she is in this video. You can’t live in a world based on how you FEEL or THINK things are happening when you have zero hard facts or proof to back it up.

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Notice how she hasn’t clarified whether the heat on her sister by fans is justified or not? Lol. Like Cassie controlled or not, IF team CON had absolute control of her Instagram why wouldn’t they do damage control after her testimony and try and exonerate certain people like Jamie Lynn? This leads me to believe Britney may have some control of her Instagram. 

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