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Kevin Federline Wants Evaluation if Conservatorship Ends

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He is such trash. Come on man, have a spine, at one point you said you LOVED this woman. ******* show some respect just based on that. FFS he knows nothing is wrong with her and obviously they put her on lithium to control her.  He knows in his heart she doesn't need any of this. The boys are teenagers? How old are they - seriously, what is he so concerned about? Worst things are happening to them at the house parties they're going to. 

The only silver lining in that conservatorship is Jaime was probably way more cheap and greedy than Britney would've been dealing with his child support. 

I think it's so sad her custody arrangements got reduced but at the very least, the boys are older now and probably in that teenage phase when they don't want to be around their parents anyway, and it wasn't when they were much younger. 

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Lithium is used to treat bipolar, its not the big evil in all of this. The concern should be aimed squarely at the fact that she was forced to take it against her will when she was perfectly happy on her previous medication. Why is he even talking to the press about this ****. He's not a doctor.

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7 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

I used to give Kfed some slack cause he's never done an interview about her, is the father of her kids etc, but this rubs me the wrong way. Almost no one around Britney wants her to grow or change 

Jordan,i will rub you the right way!

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What the actual, literal ****? It's not because someone is on lithium (or any other medication) or has mental health issues that they should be under a conservatorship! Millions of people are bipolar, or have other mental health conditions fo which they take medication, and still lead normal lives where they are in control of their own bodies and decisions... I think it's really disgusting not to mention ableist to imply that a conservatorship would be somehow "justified" if it turned out that Britney was bipolar or whatever. Even if she is dealing with some mental health condition, that still doesn't mean she shouldn't be able to live life how she wants to. People with mental health issues are not subhuman.

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9 hours ago, 2K16NEY said:

I just want to bring something up. Sean Preston, who is 15 years old, was following the w**d hashtag on instagram from the time he was 14 years old. He would also upload stories on his IG about smoking w**d. Obviously, there is no way he could get away with that at his mothers house and Kevin has primary custody. 

So, Kevin is allowing his underage kids to partake in drugs that can alter and affect a young developing mind.

Why isn’t this an issue? Why aren’t his parenting skills being questioned?

Jayden James went on IG live to blast Jamie Spears and was seen using a multitude of curse words while at his FATHER’s house. Why isn’t this questioned?

Only Britney’s parenting is questioned, god forbid she uses a curse word, god forbid she step out of line once in her life. She has to deal with 30% custody because of her father’s abuse towards her sons.

This is not right.

What are theirs IG? 

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The only evaluation that's necessary is this : Put everyone who is opposing the conservatorship to end in Britney's shoes, literally, a year of 2007 they have to endure, paparazzi on their face 24/7, no privacy, people telling them they are crazy and taking everything away from them, laughing on their faces 24/7 and talking s-h-i-t and bullying and so on, while their downfall is being broadcasted to the world. And if they can survive it, then we can talk. But if they cannot pass the test, then put all of them in jail because they have created one of the biggest downfalls of our century. The only thing that should be evaluated is the media and laws that allow that kind of atrocity to happen. Disgusting monsters. From this case alone we see that the only thing US laws care about is protecting money, not human beings. 

Thinking that Britney went through all of that and still sane and amazing as she is today is the only proof that SHE IS A F-ING SUPERWOMAN, STRONG AF, MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY UNBREAKABLE. I think that's enough evidence to end this F-ing conservatorship and lock everyone who has caused this in jail; management, people who are involved, etc. I'm so furious that they are still trying to cover **** up.

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4 hours ago, Slave4Brit88 said:

This is confirmation he’s as bad as the rest of the family. Fk him, he’s an absolute monster. I hope one day his boys know who and what he really is and how he’s treated their mother. Despicable.

I just love how she pre-emptively struck out at them in court with her whole: my fam likes to talk and I won’t be surprised if the ones involved stress their concern when I want this gone. 

So, concerned leeches count:

1 - JL’s husband (surprised me honestly… who is he to talk?)

2 - JL

3 - Kevin via lawyer

4 - Jamie

… C’mon Bryan … we know you’re there somewhere :snooptoya_jackson_snooping_looking_magnifying_glass_glasses_search:

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