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Jamie Lynn finally breaks her silence after Britney's hearing!

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43 minutes ago, Displayname30 said:

She is definitely lacking sincerity. I wonder if JL is actually a narcissist, medically speaking. This is obviously a performance that we can see right through, the fact she thinks she's convincing us with her invisible tears and self-serving statements make me suspect narcissist or sociopath. 

Jamie Lynn is just like her father. She’s his clone. They’re both sociopath narcissists that have taken advantage of Britney. The resentment is real.

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She loves her father, not Britney. On the docu about herself, when she's listing what everyone in the family help out the group she says Britney goes shopping, now she addresses her sister like a crazy rabbit, having zillion on babies on the other side of the world while Britney cries out she cannot have one because her beloved father does not want her to.

Zero support over Britney situation. Zero

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2 minutes ago, MX3 said:

I disagree - if she was overwhelmed behind the scenes she would’ve discussed some of the things Britney brought up / backed up where her head was at and why it was so difficult, even naming some of the key players and obstacles. Especially when it comes to the fact that she was put in charge of a trust account. 

britney spilled facts. Jamie lynn spilled... fluff...where the focus was on saving her reputation and repeating the same tired old Spears clan line of “we love and support Britney and want to see her happy” meanwhile their actions only speak the opposite. 

I actually agree with the trust account part, that's one of the major things that still keeps me on the fence

But with the rest, it's easy to say "she could've done X Y and Z" but none of us really know what it's like to be in that kind of predicament, it sounds like Britney didn't actually want people talking about her situation freely to others

But also with that logic, there are MANY others around her that could've done similar. But would it have been more damaging? Would Britney have approved? Maybe they've been helping in different ways

Ultimately without in depth context, we just honestly don't know. We haven't even scratched the surface with details of this **** show but my guess is someone like JL is an innocent bystander. Complicit? Yes. Knows how to help or wtf is going on? Probably not.

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She repulses me.  To sit there and STILL take this stance that the FANS and general public that have rallied this Free Britney movement are the villains.  Yeah, she got death threats, she got called rude names, etc.  That behavior is childish and uncalled for (let’s be adults about this incredibly serious situation).  

But for her to sit there and literally SCOFF and roll her eyes, and shake her head, and take that nasty TONE....no.  You should be THANKING the fans for helping your sister have her voice heard.  You should THANK this movement for assisting in bringing all of this out.  Sure, call out the people who acted inappropriately, but SHOW GRATITUDE that people love your sister the same way you CLAIM to.

She has a lot of explaining to do.  Why, Jamie Lynn, do you continue being friends with Lou Taylor?  Britney literally HATES this woman...yet you treat her like she’s the sweetest human being that existed.  Britney NEVER wanted this, you had EVERY opportunity to assist her in petitioning to end this.  Idgaf if you told her she should get another lawyer or not...sweetie Britney KNEW this and was deemed “too incapacitated”.  We don’t care about your bills or the money you claim to not make from Britney.  So stop talking about it.  We literally do not care.  We want you to be the loving sister you claim to be...the one that Britney has always thought SO HIGHLY of.  Go on and continue growing your family, all the while knowing your sister, who is older and not getting any younger as the days pass, is unable to have a child because your FATHER and this sickening team refuse to allow her to remove the IUD that THEY forced upon her.  You could’ve helped in a million ways without giving out your sisters information before she had a chance to do so and you failed.

at this point, this fandom and the public rallying behind this movement is more Britney’s family than her actual family.  So go on, lady, keep scoffing at us and rolling your eyes.  We don’t care about you the same way you don’t care about your sister.  Hopefully she gets the chance to sue you. :)

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Let's not forget that time when a court hearing was going to happen that Britney didn't get on the line...and Jamie Lynn posted in her feed an image with a loooooooooooong text about mental health. and the next day after the hearing she deleted it!!!!!!! Does anyone have a screenshot?



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Also , she's lying in the video saying she didn't say anything before because she was waiting for Britney to say what she feels , like ..... How stupid do you think people are ?? You're her sister? No ? Don't you ever talk to your sister and ask her how she feels ? If you were such a good loving sister I bet you would ask her how she really feels , let alone the fake crocodile tears ..... Happy Hour Drinking GIF

If you support her testify in court that she is fit and capable of making decisions , and stop supporting your racist father who lies about the dimentia bulIcr@p  ....... What's the point of lying to everyone... 

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The situation behind close doors looks like her father said to the WHOLE family: -"I will handle this, stay out of it" 

Bryan, Lynne and JL did that (for 13 YEARS), they didn't ask ANYTHING, didn't even raise an eyebrow,  they didn't Think about her sister/daughter till this point

Maybe JL doesn't even know where's the money comes from because her dad just paid for her (I'm just trying to see different angles of this situation)


Edit: well, the Stonebridge situation speaks volumes about her and Lou T.

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3 hours ago, CrazyButItFeelsAllright said:

@Mattyj7883 your first mega hit thread :crying1_britney_sobbing_tears_2006_sad::yasqueen_yes_wow_crying_praise_tears_wipe_sad::rihclap_rihanna_clapping_applause_yes_yas:

jessica tandy oscars 1990 GIF by The Academy Awards

I know!!  This is so unexpected!!!  First and foremost I’d like to thank Godney, because without her I wouldn’t be here!  I’d like to thank my family and friends for supporting me (unlike the snakes who are in Britney’s life).  I’d also like to thank all of my fellow Exhalers for helping me figure out how to even post half the stuff in this thread; my first mega hit thread.I Just Want To Thank All Of You Marlee Matlin GIF by The Academy Awards

Oh, and everyone remember…
Britney Spears GIF by FOX Teen Choice

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