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🚨 #BritneyLeaks : Larry Rudolph Transcript

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On 6/28/2021 at 1:36 PM, IForgotYouExisted said:

Lynne ain't much better and the sooner you all understand that, the better.

Her ENTIRE family are rats. Mom, sis, brother, dad, ... rats, rats and again RATS.

The only family member that actually loves her is Fe.

Exactly. She is, at best, a coward, at worst, another leech. She is just someone who has seen the life of her daughter be crushed by managers, record companies, family members and dint move one finger, not one. A true mother would have fought like a tigress against these *********, so yeah, there is that. 

Anyways, I just want to say something. I have no idea if Britney has addictions. She might have used or not, but the discussion of the conservatorship is beyond that aspect. Why wasn't Robert  Downey Jr put under a conservatorship at the peak of his addictions? Why was Charlie Sheen doing a tour by choice while he was absolutely intoxicated? Shia LeBouf? Ozzie Osborne? Why weren't the Rolling Stones, who were heavy users of drugs never put in a situation like Britney's? The examples are soo many that it's ridiculous to even consider there were no better options. As @PokemonSpears and @mangotango said, there were far more loving options, like actually giving her a break, going with her and her kids to another city, another country for a year. But obviously, she was not the main point, it was her money and the power over the one making it. She is an entity and they all feel entitled to what she has, as if having given the freaking sperm and ovule 39 years ago made them the creators. Ha! 


Sincerely, I don't see how they think they are any better than Lufti. Even if Lufti is a total con, he is not her dad or brother. They are, which makes this all more barf inducing than them being strangers. 

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I know she is not ok with it since *for the record* she said they want to hear what they want to hear they never listen for what she want and she said she want to get married and have kids and they reply no 



sorry 4 English 

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7 hours ago, Wa3d! said:

I know she is not ok with it since *for the record* she said they want to hear what they want to hear they never listen for what she want and she said she want to get married and have kids and they reply no 



sorry 4 English 

They laugh because they already put IUD in her *******. 

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No one cares about Britney, they only care about what they can get form her. All these people are evil vultures that will burn in hell - they won’t be able to escape from this. This will follow them until the day they die and they will certainly pay for the evil and torture hey have caused Britney.

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I am not surprised at all here, Kevin was always behind Britney's money and success it as so obvious since the very beginning. I hope one day her kids see what a fraud father he is. I truly hope Britney gets what all she wants to, she really has suffered a lot. 

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  • 3 months later...

I just hate that they all conspired against her - her own mother too. This is why I just can’t with Lynne. She is just as guilty if not worse because she’s Britney’s mother.

All the leaches in her life all conspired so they could place her under a conservatorship and force her to make even more money for them. They knew they could use Britney’s one love in this whole world - her kids - against her. Realistically everyone is happy except for Britney. Kevin has his money, Lynne, Larry, Jamie etc. It’s disgusting. They should all be sued and imprisoned for what they did to this poor woman. Time that Britney will never get back.

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