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Censorship on exhale

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On 7/5/2021 at 12:09 PM, Stefani said:

This site's rules are so relaxed compared to ATRL and GGD though. The only censorship that bugs me here are word censors, although at least there's ways of getting around it. 

Agree on the word censorship. Like Twitter is a social media site for all ages and yet one can write swear words in their tweets regardless and it’s no issue. Yet on Exhale this type of censorship exists and it almost feels like the users are being asked to conform to kindergarten-like standards. That’s my only peeve though. Can’t have everything I suppose. It’s a good site otherwise imo.

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On 6/27/2021 at 10:04 PM, rower2222 said:

Just saying freedom of speech is a right and the censorship on this site is exhausting. Some people dont know how to read and chose to pick apart a post and report it. @jordanmillerrr if you cant run a thread forum where people can state their opinions that might not go along with what everyone else is saying without being blocked or banned your not a great writer, reporter or whatever you claim you are on this site. Oppression is bad and as a gay man you should understand this even more. Fix this issue on this site. I am not saying volgur or mean comments are okay but some people who feel Britney is mentally I'll are getting blocked or warnings. How would you feel if people said you cant post on their site bc it's not inline with a trump supporters mind site? Be a good leader for everyone not just those who agree or that think alike!

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It’s a privately owned website. It’s like a private business. Jordan makes the rules for what he deems appropriate or not on his website. Just because “freedom of speech” is a “right” doesn’t mean you can waltz into a private business and start going off on staff or other consumers/clients/members just because you have a “right” to say what you want. I mean, you do, but the owner has the *right* to kick yo a^s out the door! That’s how private businesses work. Jordan is running a decent site. If you don’t like it go make your own? 

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Im here for how mods, sometimes, direct the overall thoughts to a more positive direction. Its good imo, and i think its necessary considering how case sensative britneys situation is atm. But to ur defense, sometimes the issue is a matter of opinion and either parties know what the truth is - thats when I do agree that opinions shouldnt be shut and it kind of feels a one way power abuse when blocked. After all, this is a forum , branded under discussions about britney, and its by discussions and different perspectives that good outcomes see light, RESPECTFULY of course. 

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Jamie Spears made creepy comments on Britney's outfit on For The Record. Courtney Love said Britney was abused by her father, s.xually. There is a video footage of Britney screaming 'No' on the set of make me (which seems like a low key p.rn movie BTW). She once said she does not want to do s.xual stuff but her team forces her. All these things had to be approved by her father for all these years.  So is it not allowed to mention such stuff on this forum? 

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