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Should we cancel femme fatale and Britney Jean?

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No. Either we like it or not these albums are part of her story in some way. It may feel a little icky now that we have a full picture of what was happening in those eras but they’re still part of her career. Let’s hope her next albums will all be what Britney feels like creating and that are accompanied by happier days. 

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I’m conflicted on Femme Fatale (maybe because I love it so much). Towards the end of that era she seemed more into it and much more like herself. Obviously that alone doesn’t mean anything, but I’ll wait for more confirmation on how she feels about everything (music wise) before deciding what I do and do not support / throw out. 

Basic Jingles speaks for itself. Glory does as well but in a completely different way. 


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3 hours ago, Freakshow__ said:

Blackout was Britney's last album. Circus, Femme Fatale, Britney Jean and Glory were released in a conversatorship where it doesn't really matter what she wants. SAD.

Eh. Glory is a different story. I think the reason that era got fans so excited was because Britney’s excitement and passion was apparent and that was completely absent from Femme Fatale and Britney Jean. I feel like if the album had the rollout she intended (with David LaChapelle) we would be able to look back at it more fondly.

I’ve always thought Britney looked a bit “over the music” after Make Me came out, which was surprising because she talked about how excited she was and it genuinely came across that she was excited. I think she was looking forward to things as they were finally going her way but stuff changed extremely last minute

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You forgot that Circus was Larry Rudolph pushing her into making it on the guise of “she’s just playing around in the studio…oh what’s that? You made one or two songs? Why not a whole album? Oh and we might as well make it a comeback era!” She even want it to be urban but it turn out more pop. That to me doesn’t scream helping her nor do I feel she really is satisfied with the album. 

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That's the thing that keeps me away from listening to ANYTHING post  ITZ these days. It all seems to be made by force and just.... Sonically they are all perf (except BJ) and I've listened to the albums thousands of times but now... I feel repulsed and just turned away by the fact she had to make them while being bullied, drugged...

Regarding Blackout- I cant listen to it. Yes it's her most genuine work but it was made during time that led to this ****. I dont see it as- omg she made this masterpiece during her worst period in life woow and circus is the light, fun blackouts sister. No. I dont wanna play Britney's forced recorded traumas


Her albums were a huge part of my childhood. They were my childhood. I saw her as a perfect princess and loved every pic of her... Blackout and post blackout I was older but I loved her the same. I still love her but I cant hear her music the same like I have all this years.


Idk. Nobody really talks about this so Idk is it just me or do others want to just burn or sell everything post blackout and do others struggle with listening to her music....

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After flop of "Pretty Girls" and underperforming of BJ before they decided that it would be better to let her do a good stuff on her terms like before conservatorship. So I would say that it's Britney's album for sure. But! They're (her team) trying to make money of it with re-release so it should be cancel as well. The Cirucs album it's difficult to understand what it really is - is a mix of forced Max Martin collabs and Danja collabs that were made only because of the postimpact of Blackout. So i would say that fans should stop streaming eveything after 2007.

Femme Fatale it's pretty easy - Dont Keep Me Waiting and He About To Lose Me were the original concept for the album, that was scrapped for this dance-electro stuff......... So again forced.


I'm ******* waiting for next album called "Conservatoship" with remastered Rebellion as a first single with her in cage on the cover.

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1 hour ago, FreeBritBrit said:

Nobody really talks about this so Idk is it just me or do others want to just burn or sell everything post blackout and do others struggle with listening to her music....

I already did that! :staysalty_hands_rub_so_there_blue_walk_away_made_my_point:

A huge bonfire the day after i heard the truth from Britney herself. :queenflopga_pink_sass_walking_away_bye:

Her team, her family and whoever silenced her for the past 13 years can **** off :rihit_rihanna_annoyed_throw_walk_away_bye_irritated_mad:

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That’s not cool guys..

britney put big effort in that projects especially in ff.. maybe it wasn’t exact same Bing that she wanted but c’mon in all that what was happening she Released albums, singles, music videos and was doing tours.. she’s a Wonder Woman and at some point I’m proud of her work..

it just make sad that she wasn’t able to do things like she wanted too but in career wise that was happening in the past too.. blackout had the least influence  from “her team”

It might hurt britneys feeling imo.. I would be tbh cause imagine in all this mess you are still doing so much job.. 

If britney will say that she don’t like the albums and wish it shouldn’t being released I will them all streaming services by myself lol

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I don't listen to Britney Jean much anyway.

About Femme Fatale - I started stanning hard that time so I have nostalgia. But the album itself isn't very Britney tbh, it's just a bunch of club bangers and could've been done by anybody, Kesha or something. 

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Guys she wasn't satisfied with any of the albums except for In the zone (and then too she had struggles to make it in the way she wanted),so basically we haven't seen Britney yet in the full light (she tried that with Original Doll and in the early stage of Blackout).So after conservatorship i hope that Britney will deliver everything that she's always wanted.

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