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People saying Britney doesn't deserve another baby

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The tripping incident always pisses me off when people use it against here. People trip. Hell I’ve tripped holding my babies before too. It’s not like she dropped him either, she had a death grip he wasn’t going anywhere even if the bodyguard hadn’t readjusted his head. 
The driving with him on her lap is less able to excuse off. It was a bad choice, I know he was crying and afraid and she was afraid because the paparazzi but she should have buckled him in before driving off, especially because the paparazzi follow her which put her at a higher risk to crash. BUT she’s learned. She never did it again. People make mistakes. She just didn’t think it through. 

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the NYT thing being used as an excuse to call her a bad mom is mind blowing. No one ever tripped?????????????????????????????? No baby has ever fallen off their mother's arms???????? Of course we should take the utmost care for that not to happen, but it happens. She never gave an indication that she was going to drop him, her grip was really firm.

Good thing that out of the whole entourage following her around, at least one person helped

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Can we not give team con reasons to not free her by posting these sorts of images/videos

If people say she doesn't deserve more children, ignore them - they sound like awful people who are not educated or followed Britney, where we can see she is an amazing mom.

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No parent is perfect ,all learn from their mistakes ,because Britney was in the media 24/7 all her mistakes and accidents were broadcasted to the world and if she suffered from postpartum depression it's not her fault ,I also believe she is not that lost girl in her 20s, she is a 40 year old woman who been through a lot and learned a .lot

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Sooo disgusting.


I watched Hassan Piker react to the Dark Past Deep Dive and someone in he’s chat said something to similar i.e she lost custody so she shouldn’t be allowed to have any more kids and he absolutely annihilated that person.
It was kinda amazing.


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If she does get free and chooses to have another baby then I hope she moves somewhere far away with Sam where she is protected and doesn’t face the same pressures she did when she was a young mum back in 2005/2006. LA is certainly not the place for her to be again. 

Having a baby is totally her choice but I do worry for her. I hope she deals with all her issues and gets herself in a really good place before having anymore kids. She will be so damaged by this abuse for the last 13 years so she should take time. Then I hope she literally disappears so she can be the best mother she can be and enjoy her life out of the spotlight.

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1 hour ago, IAmJustAKnee said:

You all there are disturbing users on another forum saying Britney doesn't deserve another baby because of 2007 bringing pictures of her holding the baby and in car. How do I respond?


That kind of people don't deserve any reply. They're digusting just the way they are.

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These people are just smartassing and will be always best of the bestests so why would you even care? You won’t be able to convince them so it’s just more negative energy for both of you, but you’ll get more tired than them.


Also let it be if this is coming from the fact that they don’t like her. Some people will never do because they decided it ten or twelve years ago. And admitting that they weren’t right or had the wrong impression is not generally the most typical traits of people.


So I’d move on. And maybe just post a standalone post about your opinion but not directly quoting him/her. It’s not worth it.

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Let's be real. She doesn't have a luck in love. She has many boyfriends after Kevin, so.... Don't get me wrong, but her team partly has right with putting something in her to not have a baby, because she's irresponsible. But she's human and that should be her choice - so it's time to remove this **** from her *******. How i said this had some kind of sense for her, but it shouldn't be forced.

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everybody makes mistakes and yeah driving with SP on her lap wasn't a good decision, but that doesn't mean she's a bad mom. she loves her kids and they're their number one priority, and on top of that everybody deserves to make the choice of become a parent. 

the debate about her being a good or a bad mom breaks my heart, but this isn't about that, it's about they took away her reproductive rights and that's so abusive and wrong and evil. 

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That is so unfair... I'm sure people who say those things have never made mistakes? When she was driving holding Sean, it was because she was reacting out of fear. We do not get to control people's recations if paparazzi harass them :C She deserves to be happy.

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