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Why Britney likely does not have bipolar disorder: Lithium is standard medication for bipolar disorder

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A lot of people are assuming Britney might have bipolar disorder because she said she was forcibly put on lithium by her doctor. But she said lithium is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DRUG FROM WHAT SHE WAS TAKING for the past 5 years, and it made her feel drunk and unable to speak her mind.

The thing is, lithium is actually a pretty standard drug for bipolar disorder. You can look it up. Mood stabilizers which include lithium is actually the first go to of drugs to treat bipolar disorder. If she has had bipolar disorder for the last 13 years wouldn't it make sense for her to have had taken mood stabilizers before? The other line of treatments are either taken in addition to mood stabilizers or include even harder drugs.

Lithium is also used to treat depression, which could be closer to what she has, but even that is hard to comprehend considering how high functioning she is. 

Not saying having bipolar disorder would warrant any of this either way, especially for someone as capable as Britney has shown herself to be. Millions of people with bipolar disorder live their lives freely including major artists like Mariah Carey, Demi Lovato and Kanye West. Just posting that so we don't make assumptions about things we don't know for sure.

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I never understood that either. It is a standard bipolar medication. However I think the problem is that he decided to change her med based on the complaints the team had. There was no discussion with the patient (which I’m guessing is because she’s in a conservatorship) who was clearly fit enough to do a Vegas show and teach people choreography.

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Lithium is very strong though and every person has a different reaction to it. It seemed Britney felt really bad with lithium but they just kept pumping her up with that. Hearing the patient when changing meds is really important. Problem is that this story is asinine for reasons beyond lithium. They hospitalized her for saying no. What does she even had diagnosed? Remember TMZ saying Britney takes meds for bipolar disorder without actually being formally diagnosed?

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2 minutes ago, Applejack said:

Lithium is very strong though and every person has a different reaction to it. It seemed Britney felt really bad with lithium but they just kept pumping her up with that.

No doubt about it and also we don't know which dosage she was put under. What I'm saying is that people should not assume she has bipolar disorder just because of that statement. Even people in the media is saying that's what she might have. 

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  • Exhale+

Catherine Zeta-Jones Jones probably has one if the most severe cases of bi polar. She voluntarily stayed in psych wards/rehabs for years. And she seems to be doing fine and not in conservatorship.


Demi Lovato came out recently saying they misdiagnosed them with bipolar,and they only recently find that out. Despite them being on bi polar medications for years.

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The only point is she was put on lithium just because she refused to do Domination right after Piece of Me, a four-year residency/tour project (accompanied by albums, music videos, etc.) ended! Her team lied to her therapist, said she was not participating in rehearsals, and he then decided to put her on lithium. That had nothing to do w/ her mental/psychiatric health—it was all about the money and chastising her like she was a slave obligated to put on that show and not refuse a single dance move.

In the end, it made her feel drunk and she could not even hold a conservation. May Dr. Benson rot in Hell, and to Hell w/ Jamie and all those who allowed for this corrup c-ship to continue for so long. 

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They gave her lithium because she said no to a DANCE MOVE, from what I understand that’s not a symptom of Bipolar Disorder. 
I know a lot of people with serious bipolar that take lithium, those people have hallucinations and think they are God when they’re manic, Britney just has PTSD from all the trauma she has been put through.

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You don't change medication at the drop of a hat. That is risky and harmful. You're literally playing with brain chemistry. 


Britney in no uncertain terms made it clear that she did not want to take the medication and had no reason to change medication. 


The only formal diagnosis Britney has recieved is post natal depression.

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4 minutes ago, HairFullOfSecrets said:

I agree with what yall are saying, but a lot of people are assuming that. Even this psychiatrist who analyzed her statement and supported her out of the cship, said it's speculated she has bipolar disorder. 


All psychiatrists should be locked up and treated with their own nonsense

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