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[Leak] Original Mix for Swimming in the Stars

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Mixed in 2014, the original version for Swimming in the Stars by Britney Spears was considered during the very early sessions for Glory, which also included Pretty Girls on the tracklist. Eventually, the theme changed and the song was not reworked up until the re-issue of the album.

Had to modify the pitch for YouTube, but the original one is on our fansite. #BritneySpeaks #FreeBritney


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1 hour ago, PokemonSpears said:



29 minutes ago, kneetap said:

*****..............im drunk af. i love u. ppl never appreciate u ily


23 minutes ago, kneetap said:

im going through such a rough time, but ur leaks make me smile :)


21 minutes ago, onyxke said:

Thank you for posting this. I hope more leaks it’s nice to listen to something new or an original version.


13 minutes ago, Watch Me Work It said:

wait a minute, I've never seen the original picture with the house in such good quality :umomg_britney_shocked_wow_omg_surprised_eyes_wide:

you're welcome guys! #BritneySpeaks

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