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Interview or Book

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after she's FREE, has a true rest/relaxation haitus, has a family, a baby, a new life that she's in full control of.....

it would be so lovely to hear from her. would love to see a For The Record type documentary where we get to spend time with her and hear from her directly.

and a companion piece book 

the good mysterious book she's always talked about 


but honestly she doesn't owe anyone anything anymore. she's given enough.



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I feel like there won't be any special interview or a book. Yesterday she said enough. Now it's time to terminate this **** (but make sure she has right health care), sue people who are responsible for this situation (father, management, lawyers and maybe judge?) and never look back. She needs to stay away from spotlight for a long time. 

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I feel like a tasteful interview with someone who is sensitive to her situation would be perfect. I loved something like FTR where she spoke candidly but it would be nice for someone to be able to ask questions or ask her to explain something in more detail so she gets her point across. 

I’d be happy for her to say nothing but she seems keen to get her point across and share her experiences with the world. She needs to have her moment like she did at yesterday’s hearing. No filter. No pre planned questions. Just Britney Spears

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I'd definitely prefer book, and an audiobook narrated by Britney herself. This is the only way she could fully express herself I think. Interviews can be somewhat unpredictable and not detailed enough. She said she would write a good book one day but... Will it happen though? I'm not sure. She's still trapped in this conservatorship after all. Hopefully not that much longer.

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