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Next Steps for Britney - July 14th - Future music and touring career!

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Honestly after hearing her speak about her situation I totally let go of wanting a new album. I love her and her music very much but now I just would like to hear what she has to say and that's it. She deserves whatever she wants to do and I feel so guilty supporting what happened that I just can't wish for anything as a fan right now besides supporting whatever she personnally decides for herself. 

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She could very well be working on music while she’s pregnant like she did on Blackout. I think she honestly just wants the pressure off so even if it’s just literally playing around in the studio, then it’s fine but we know she does get bored easily and wants to switch it up. It’s very reasonable to ask for 2-3 years just to get herself back together. I’m hoping she gathers a team that can help her gain control of things like overseeing her contracts and makes sure she gets her diva demands like any top A lister, she should already be getting creative control and her label should respect that. 

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Music is the last thing on my mind at the moment. She needs to take a break to reflect on everything. And SPEND 👏 HER 👏 MONEY 👏👏👏

Keep in mind, she hasn't had total freedom in 13 YEARS. If I was her I would be going on vacation, relaxing, and probably some good therapy to get over the whole mess that happened. 

Also she said she would work 10 hours, 7 days a week. She needs rest, and to start that family she wants.

If she genuinely wants to make music again great, but I don't put it past her if she straight up retires.

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27 minutes ago, thebritmaster said:

If you listen to her statement she takes pride in her job as a pop star even stating she’s great at her job and wants to be treated as the boss. So I don’t think it’s selfish to hope for new music as long as she’s free first and it’s on her time :brityes_britney_yes_nodding:

I did like 5 times, but yes one step at a time. Also she is now going to Hawaii with sam. :neydedance_purple:

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Britney is strong and resilient , I'm sure she's not interested in music as long as she's being forced to do it just to make money, but I really believe once she's free and has enough time to enjoy her freedom and her life she'll want to work on some new sounds again, she's creative and talented , she can do it once the leeches back off , for now ..... I honestly don't see it coming and rightfully so . She shouldn't work for them ever again .

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What I want is for her to hang around the beach with her boyfriend, swim in the pool and in the ocean, ride horses in the hills, have fun days out with her kids, go to concerts and to the movies, have an amazing wedding and try for a baby, have lunch dates and spa days and girls' weekends away and parties with all of her friends she hasn't been able to see for years, travel to Hawaii - hell, travel all around the world if she wants to, and finally get experience some of it outside of airports and hotel suites and concert arenas, play with her dogs, bake cakes, make instagram posts about the flowers in her garden, dance in her living room, go on shopping sprees without anyone having a say over how much money she spends, make paintings... All of these things and more I wish and hope and dream for her.

Recording albums and touring? Not very high on my list tbh. She's already given us so much amazing music, more than we could expect from anyone in a lifetime. I know she enjoys singing and dancing, but maybe she's perfectly happy just doing those things in her own home or on instagram for the rest of her life, just having fun with it without all the pressure of working in a professional environment and being "Britney Spears, global superstar", with all the expectations that brings.

I'd be perfectly happy if she never makes music again, as long as it means she's living her life the way she wants to. God knows girl has earned an early retirement, if that is what she wishes to do.

And if she does decide to make music or perform again, on her own terms, all the better, I'd be over the moon! But I'm definitely not counting on it. And honestly, it really shouldn't be our focus right now. This woman needs to be able to live a normal, human life first, free from abuse and exploitation, and experience all the joys that come with that.

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She needs to STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP doing music and touring. She needs to enjoy life and relax. It makes me SO mad that it hasn't been one day since her heartbreaking speech in court and people are already thinking about new music and tour, like wtf man? Let her LIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

 Inside Out Reaction GIF by Disney Pixar

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6 hours ago, Prachi said:

I didn't mean it like that guys, I just meant how much she loves it just not under her c-ship. during several interviews she has stated this. I didn't say it to offend anybody. This page is a britney fan page do you think I would have ill intentions about her and then have the audacity to post it here? 

Exactly. If she wants to get out of the c-ship, get married and have a kid, like she testified then the music will be on the back burner for the time being. Her personal well being is coming first for her. I do think that she will perform again eventually, but she wants to do it on her terms. We shouldn't rush her. Getting out of the c-ship will take some time due to the slowness of the probate court system, and if she wants another kid, that kid will come first. 

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I want her to do what she wants. She’s been forced to perform for so long I don’t doubt that her passion for it has turned into resentment. Let her live and hope she rediscovers her passion for it, if she doesn’t, well then she’s given us enough. I’m grateful for everything she’s ever done.

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Honestly, I would love for her to write a book and be completely HONEST. Her story would easily be about 300 pages or maybe even more. She should then see what choices she gets for either a mini series or a movie. She would make A LOT of money from that. She can do a soundtrack for the movie, as well as produce and co direct. She doesn’t necessarily need to make music. I feel people want to hear her TRUTH and the HONESTY of it. But not until she’s ready.


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11 hours ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:

I don’t understand how could people even think about Britney making more albums or touring when she ******* told the world yesterday she is being abused and is traumatized.

Lets not become like her abusers that only see her as an ATM and an entertainer. She is a human being and she is being severely abused and manipulated by her family. This is what’s important now. This is what matters.



You don’t need to be rude. The OP is just asking what fans thoughts are on Britney’s future career. Nowhere in the original post did they say her music is more important than her freedom. You sound like you get off on feeling morally superior to others. Chill out.

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Y'all I read this thread wrong and almost came in here guns a blazing thinking these idiots were focusing the July 14th hearing on her career 😂😂😂


Whatever Britney does in her life as long as it's done on her accord and because she wants to I will support her 10000000000%.  If that means she wants to release music and tour I will be right there or if she wants to have more children and retire I will also be there to support her.  If she wants to move to a deserted island never to be photographed again I will support her as long as she's happy, healthy, and living HER life the way she wants.

But selfish me, wants more music from her at some point but that is NOT what I want now.  Britney the person comes before Britney the artist always and forever for me.

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12 hours ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:

I don’t understand how could people even think about Britney making more albums or touring when she ******* told the world yesterday she is being abused and is traumatized.

Lets not become like her abusers that only see her as an ATM and an entertainer. She is a human being and she is being severely abused and manipulated by her family. This is what’s important now. This is what matters.



Yup, totally. I, in no way want to grill fans who genuinely care for her music, but I think it is and should be the least of the concerns right now. It might be something she loves, but it is also clearly connected to a lot of trauma. If she gets back, it would take a lot of healing. So yeah, first let's hope she can regain the basic freedom of not having her blood taken everyday. That would be great. 

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