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Next Steps for Britney - July 14th - Future music and touring career!

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5 minutes ago, ifuseekari said:

I think she needs a breather, a long one. 13 years of constant struggling and abuse has taken a huge toll on her.

She can come back whenever she wants, if she wants to. But I can see her wanting to stay away from the lime light for a very very long time.

I hope she heals from all this. And if making music helps, she should be free to do that.  

Whatever she wants to do with her life, we as fans should really respect that. :gobaby_cheering_yes_yas_wow_proud:

I also think she will vanish for a long time, marry and have kids. Whatever she does I am purely here for it. 

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I’m a little disgusted that this what some fans and gp are seriously thinking about right now…

In her case performing was ABUSE. I don’t see her Performing again not this decade, and not to the same grand scale.

she clearly hated performing since 2007, Britney wanted to do small artsy fartsy  Intimate concerts for her fans at night clubs back then. 

( I became a fan with pom so I’m skipping over FFT)

when pom first started can any of us confidently say that Britney looked confident in herself that night? 

I wonder how many slave residency contracts they were negotiating for her 

ceasers entertainment needs to be investigated for even saying that Britney needed to be in the conservatorship for “insurance policy”

I feel like she will definitely write a book and do a huge interview with Oprah in a few years, it seems that’s what she wants. 

maybe an album or Ep even but I don’t think she’s gonna work the same way again for a while

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3 minutes ago, jordeezy said:

I am just glad to HEAR THEE Britney Spears we all knew and missed. 

Yes that was the most sassy and confident Britney we've heard in years. Not like those ****ty fake instagram "Hi guys🌼🌼🌹🌹" post

I'm so glad that the rebellious Britney is still there

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35 minutes ago, Prince Ali said:

Nah... her future is to have a baby girl and raise her in her own way and do what she likes for few years... If she ever comes back to music it will most likely be around 2026-2027, granted she is free of cship this year..

I think we should just be proud of Britney for holding on to hope for so long!

I don’t think I would want to bring a child into this world after being treated that way for 13 years, I would be too traumatized they would try to take her away or use another baby against her.

i don’t think it’s in her best interest to have more kids until she can live somewhere out of the country 

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It’s interesting that she said she should be entitled to take a 3 year break. That doesn’t spell out that she wants to leave the industry. I truly believe she loves her job and as she says - she is amazing at what she does.

Britney didn’t want to do Domination because it was so soon after her Las Vegas residency and tour. She did say she was in rehearsals early and was teaching her dancers. This woman is a performer I wouldn’t rule out her coming back if she was free but she’d do things HER way and that’s the way it should be. Britney chooses her destiny. 

The next hearing better be filing for her to end the conservatorship. She has said it repeatedly and it’s her given right. She was very clear - end this. The need to respect her wishes and follow the correct protocol to deal with this. The world is watching.

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She’s definitely not done.  She literally said “I want the real deal, to get married and have a baby...I should be able to take a 2-3 year break.”  She didn’t say “I should be able to quit if I want to, I’ve made enough”

She probably won’t do anything while she’s under the conservatorship, but if it ends and she’s able to start a family with Sam, she will come back.


also the way she said, multiple times shes “great” at what she does...she still takes her career seriously.  She just wants it on HER terms, as it should be.

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Her music career isn’t top priority right now but she mentioned a 2-3 year break. Hasn’t she mentioned before that she gets bored easily? I do see her returning to music but when she’s ready. Not for a while. She’s still very passionate about dance so I think she’ll just do it on her own terms. 

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1 hour ago, brintyjoan said:

Honestly i hope she never makes music again. The whole world treated her like ****, even her so called fans, we dont deserve her music and performances. 

I cant even think of her performing rn. She at least needs to enjoy life if she is going to be free. Its a bit selfish actually to talk about her performing already. 

It’s not really for us to hope about or not? Music’s always been her outlet and passion. I hope she does what ever she feels like.

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I honestly don't want anything from her unless its she WANTS to do. She should get married, have her baby and enjoy life. Everyone around her has taken too much from her and she owes nothing to anyone, not even us fans.

However, I could totally see her recording and releasing music randomly just for fun. No promo or anything, just a "Here's something I've been working on. Hope you enjoy!" :bwink_britney_pepsi_wink_black_and_white_bw_flirt:

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THE BIGGEST COMEBACK OF HISTORY ! :blast_explosion_skeleton_skull_fire_flames_boom:

Circus will looks like nothing compared to the future :unreal_omg_no_way_shocked_wow_surprised:

I don't think she will retired, I hope she will come back completely free, doing what she wants, how she wants. She love dancing and doing her thing it's obvious but not for her so called team anymore. She can do her job and having a baby, spending time with friends and family.

All she needs is to be free. :raven_thats_so_simone_talking_telling_preaching:

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You are definitely a bot. Britney basically said she was abused, depressed and that she cries almost every day and you are worried about releasing new music? What the f.uck is wrong with you people? Nothing has changed, Britney just spoke but she is in the same conservatorship, with the same people, and the same therapists. I don't know what makes you think she wants to release new music, the fuc.k 

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She said she deserves a 2-3 year break, so I think she will return to music and performing at some point just not anytime soon. This is going to sound bad, but I feel like Britney probably feels like she owes us for all of our support for her freedom so she’ll want to give us something in return as a thank you. So I don’t think she’d just retire out of the blue, I think there would be a farewell album and maybe tour of she decided to call it quits. 

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