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Can We Talk about the Propaganda Machine that is TMZ?

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" As one source put it, "She has 99% of the freedom she'd have if she weren't in a conservatorship, and the only thing she's prevented from doing are crazy things, like buying 3 cars at a time [something she tried to do back in the day].""


Can we talk about how TMZ was biasedly applying spins and deceptions on the howabouts of Britney? They're Trash.

They helped in pushing the narrative that she was fine in the C-ship, and they were mostly the only news site at the time doing reports on Britney.

Thankfully, we now have other news sites reporting on Brit.


Also, shoutout to T.Kyle and Mumuse who were pro-cship and pro-Jamie during the time of the aftermath of Domination.

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