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What songs do you listen to differently after hearing Britney speak?

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Last last thing I’ll say


i get that the albums post the c-ship could be considered problematic, but those albums can be used as evidence as to why she doesn’t need to be in the c-ship anymore. If anything the post c-ship albums helped her case to freedom

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That her last album was BLACKOUT, period

I feel so weird to everything released after that, and now I get why Britney doesn't sing a lot in BJ, like she didn't want it! I wonder how much stress was she at the beginning, maybe they were always like this but she has more of a say before, now she doesn't have a say in ANYTHING.

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Work *****. I always found it strange that ahe opened every show with that song.. Now I’m thinking it’s because she had to get to work.

Love the song, but yeah, I listen to it differently for the moment. Not my workout song anymore..

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I have been interviewing songwriters who worked on her songs since her debut.  The one thing I know from the people who worked in the studio with her is that Britney loves music and often times she was attracted to darker songs and darker themes.  I think she has always communicated through her dancing (not even just the tour/video dancing).  When I talked to the songwriters of Red is The Color and Unbroken, the common statement was "we like these songs but basically they make Britney look too vulnerable so it won't make the album. " 

I have been deep diving into songs that were released and were not released.  The interactions people had with Britney or her "camp" have been interesting.  Britney had a limited time to hear the reference song and then have the demo playing in her ear and record it.  (One instance, This came down to recording a new album while finishing a tour)

For me, it all comes down to music. Britney has always been a lover of music.  She has always talked about her love of other artists.  In learning about songs from the Britney Jean era, it appears there definitely was going to be a more personal album.  However, others (I assume the label/her camp) didn't want It to be that way.  Or the Rodney Jerkins album that was abandoned.  The songs he made during that time.  If you go back and see what songs Britney has talked about...by other artists...you get insight into her musical taste.  Natalie Imbruglia Torn, Paula Cole, Rihanna, Madonna, Janet...Lauryn Hill.  A lot of these artists and songs, have a darker or even more deeper meaning.  

I have appreciated the honesty and being able to talk to the songwriters/producers themselves.  Because they have always talked from their point of view.  Britney is a creative person, that is something you can't turn off.  It also doesn't only appear from 9-5.  I created The Original Doll, to hear from the creators of music themselves, for a while online it was "my friend told me a friend told them that someone knew...".  I like hearing from these music makers themselves.  

We all know that record labels will almost always have final say in tracks on the album.  Kelly Clarkson talked about it, so many others talked about the label "sitting" on their albums and not releasing.  I have found more insight when you hear the songs that Britney did record that were not put on the record.  

As I listen to songs from now on, I think about all of the people involved, the songwriters who explained how they came up with a song, the producers who were working on beats...The Britney songs have so many people who craft them.  It may be the songwriters real life that inspired it (Unusual You) or the songwriter thinking about Britney and her breakup (Love is war).  

One huge thing I have learned is that Britney Spears doesn't take credit for writing songs she didn't help write.  That I heard from each of the songwriters themselves.  Many big artists have done this, its been in the news.  Britney hasn't made a career out of taking writing credit for something she didn't do.  

Is every song on every album Britney's pick?  Probably not.  But I know from people who were in the studio with her, that she didn't have a million people in the room with her that weren't the music creators.  She had a space to be in and communicate through her music.  WAs that every time?  Probably not.  But if we listen to the songs she has talked about since her debut, from other artists.  We get insight into her musical taste...and can see similarities.  


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38 minutes ago, hybirdfox said:

Honesty I can’t even listen any of the albums released post conservatorship (Circus, Femme Fatale, BJ and Glory), just makes me angry, to think she was was being abused and forced to do something she didn’t want 

yeah.. it a bitter taste right????

gosh but there are so many GEMS on them :shaking_shake_gold_yellow:

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At the end of the day, most of her hit songs are haunting now.


Born to Make You Happy → "born" to make her family and her fans happy as an entertainer, with no agency of her own. "I don't know what to do without your love; I was born to make you happy."

I'm a Slave 4 U → being a slave to the industry that has abused her time and time again. 

Overprotected → being over-worked and micro-managed by her highly controlling team, who never listened to her actual wants or needs. "I'll tell them what I like, what I want, and what I don't...But every time I do, I stand corrected."

Lucky → self-explanatory and tragic all around.

Piece of Me → being ripped apart by the media for years.

Gimme More → never being 'enough' for the insatiable industry. "They keep watching, they keep watching. Feels like the crowd is saying gimme, gimme more, gimme more, gimme, gimme more."

Mona Lisa & Rebellion → also self-explanatory and even more haunting now. "Be careful of others and the voodoo that they do. But in rebellion, there's a sparkle of truth."

Work ***** →  literally her abusive team's motto. Regardless of what she wants, she knows "[she] better work, *****." There's no option. There's no out. "Now get to work, *****!"


I could go on but it's honestly horrible. Praying for Britney with all my heart.

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"Cinderella's got to go."

"I just wanna be happy in a place where love is free.  Can you take me there? Somebody."

"Think of times you made me cry you had me so confused.  I'm tired of trying leave behind this, What's a girl to do? I think of all the times you made me sick I used to think I couldn't handle it. What you think, I'm just another chick? Messed with Brit, boy, you must have tripped."

"Walk a mile in my shoes, do me right or I'm through."

"Living legend, you can look but don't touch."

"Lately I've been stuck imagining what I wanna do and what I really think time to blow out. Be a little inappropriate 'cause I know that everybody's thinking it when the lights out."

"Lately people got me all tied up there's a countdown waiting for me to erupt time to blow out. I've been told who I should do it with to keep both my hands above the blanket when the lights out."

"You're gonna see me in your dreams tonight my face is gonna haunt you all the time."

"I can't compete with the stars in the sky I'm invisible, invisible. I open the window to clear out my mind but it's difficult, so difficult."

"Now there's meaning in the saddest songs (I just wanna cry). All I do is cry and sing along (And cry, and cry)"

"I can feel your eyes on my back, baby (Ah, na na). I can't have no chains around me, baby, can't you see?"

"Think that I might back down, but I won't, think that I might have doubts, but I don't, no insecurities. Won't you just let me, let me be? Think that you know me now, but you don't, think that I can't stand on my own, ain't my philosophy. Won't you just let me, let me be?"

"You told me you lonely, can't hear you, can't feel you, I'm frozen, I'm posing, there's no way you move me. Watch me, dress me, can't impress me, I'm not changing, adjust. I can't help myself, I'm just doing what I do. Help myself to anything that I want, so thank you. I like it, and I do what I like, and then you do what I like, and you like it. If you wanna just (scream), scream your lungs out. If you wanna just (cry), cry your eyes out, I'ma do my (thing). That's what I'm about. You can cry your eyes out of your head. Baby baby, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care, I don't, you can cry-cry-cry again-gain-gain, my face like a mannequin (scream). Mannequin, yeah, I did it again and, you can cry-cry-cry again-gain-gain, my face like a mannequin."

"My loneliness is killing me."

And of course the entirety of "Stronger" and "Lucky."

Songs that I will struggle to listen to after this:
"Chillin' With You" (for obvious reasons); and "Passenger" just seems like the opposite message of her fiercely independent lyrics (at least since her first album).


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