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Justin Timberlake says Britney should not be held against her will

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1 minute ago, YeezusChrist said:

For real tho, where tf is Madonna?

That’s what I’m wondering….

all of Britney’s peers should say something in support of Britney fully regaining her rights, personally and financially. 

Nobody in the entertainment industry can keep saying, “We don’t know what is happening”. The entire world knows because BRITNEY has told us!!!

Lastly, thank you Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel for publicly showing Britney love and support. (I will not throw shade at them.)

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Why are bitter people dragging him for this? :wtfdidusay_wth_what_huh_again_who_confused_looking_around:

I'm not really a fan of his music and side-eye him for what he did to Britney in the early 2000s but him speaking up now is huge, he is one of the few huge A-List stars to talk about it in depth. Use that energy for Perez (who directly contributed to Britney's breakdown and to this day jokes about it) or to Jamie/Lou. We need people of his calliber speaking up and Britney has long forgiven him and stans his songs, it's not good to hold on to decades-old hate for an indirect song a 20-year old once made.

Thank you Justin.

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