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The New York Times: Britney has tried to end conservatorship for years & feels like she was forced into performing and into a mental facility against her own will

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Britney has literally brought so much happiness through good and not so good times to me and many other fans and i'm praying she finally gets to be free and able to do whatever SHE wants on HER own terms! She does not and has never deserved this horrible treatment. Praying she gets her well deserved freedom asap!:kisses2all_britney_pom_piece_of_me_green_blowing_kissing:

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There's nothing I can say that hasn't already been voiced in this thread... but jesus christ. this is really just the top of the iceberg too, i've no doubt there's countless more details that will be unearthed in time. if there was ANY doubt left that this whole thing is corrupt to the core... there's absolutely no way anyone can still argue on behalf of the conservatorship in good faith. horrifying, heartbreaking, and above all INFURIATING.

btw - i recall certain posters here saying that team con had no way of forcing britney to perform. HMMMM.

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3 minutes ago, Slayer said:

So this could be the night of the fever...

This was the POM tour right? so she must have been quite ill around this time.

So Britney was indeed leaving crumbs and tips here and there. That makes me think that the working microphone "feels illegal" message was indeed something she was trying to say. Hmmm interesting.

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Very disturbing and hard read for me. I cannot fathom the pain she has endured. To feel like your only purpose in life is to make money for others has to be the absolute worst feeling. She isn’t valued as a human by anyone around her. 

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Mr. Ingham told the court that his client was upset that it was not taking her concerns seriously. “She said to me, when she gave me this shopping list, that she anticipates that, as it has been done before, the court will simply sweep it under the carpet and ignore any negative inferences with regard to Mr. Spears,”Mr. Ingham said, according to a transcript.

💬The judge is a ******* scum ball!!!! 
Goes to show the judges DO NOT LISTEN to the conservatee. And why should they when they’re deemed mentally incapacitated. Truth is, these probate court judges KNOW this **** is nothing but a con game to drain $$ from people’s estate and control everything they do.

In response to Ms. Spears’s request to end the arrangement, the judge said that if she established a healthy relationship with a therapist and returned one year’s worth of clean drug tests, she would take the matter under consideration. But she would not guarantee it.

Those gathered, including the judge and lawyers on both sides, raised the possibility that Ms. Spears’s boyfriend was provoking her discontent.

💬******* Azzhole judge just stringing Brit along, knowing good and damn well they DO NOT CARE if she complied because they will still not do ANYTHING!!!

This is a humanitarian crisis!!!! Lynne Spears sat on her *** for YEARS not doing or saying a word and let this **** go on AND she was partly to blame for this conservatorship too because of her declaration, her book and support of Jamie and Lou Taylor. I’m so ******* MAD OMFG!!! FREE BRITNEY!!!

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Just now, Tetris said:

Love seeing the NYT quote Lynne’s book about LMT’s role in creating the conservatorship. Put that sh;t on blast. 

**** Lynne Spears!!!!! What a selfish POS!!!

She’s  too busy MLMing and praying for something that can just as easily happen if she actually MOVES HER ***, OPEN HER MOUTH AND SPEAK UP!!!! FUCCCKKKK!!!


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