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The New York Times: Britney has tried to end conservatorship for years & feels like she was forced into performing and into a mental facility against her own will

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3 minutes ago, Slayer said:

Can I just say i'm so ******* proud of Britney, she's been fighting SO hard for years and kept going.

She is so strong!

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Ugh, same. This has actually made me appreciate her so more much. 

I hope she gets what she truly wants and if that's to retire then so be it. She's had so much of her life stolen from her, she deserves to do and be who she wants to be. :kidcries_crying_sad_tearing_up_sobbing:

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I feel physically sick. This is beyond disgusting. I’m so glad we finally have concrete evidence, I’d love to see Jamie, Lou and the rest of the scum try to deny this now. Corruption through and through. I hope they’re all scared because they ought to be. Reality is going to come crashing down around them and they know it. Evil, soulless, despicable people. 

Britney really is such an incredible individual for having survived all of this. I’m in awe of her strength. I hope she knows we will fight for her until she is free and that this movement is never going away. I hope the parasites leeching off her know this too. 

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17 minutes ago, MeAgainstTheMusic_ said:

Basically the judges don’t want her out of the conservatorship and the California “Justice” System is corrupt and has failed her in every way possible. It’s actually terrifying to think that your life isn’t your own and one slip up could cost you to live like a slave for the rest of your life. 

Jamie is the epitome of evil. Jamie and every single person who forced her on stage should be held accountable for this and serve life imprisonment. What they’ve done is morally and legally corrupt. They’ve robbed her and pawned on her on stage for money. They’ve taken so much of her life away from her and stolen her from her children. 

How the hell are the judges not being investigated for this? Why is she having to fight so hard to get out of this 13 years later? It’s awful. 

Hopefully all the California congressmen behind the reform bills read this and feel the pressure to pass that legislation.

also, if Gavin newsom wanted some good energy, he could pressure the CA AG office to investigate these judges. 

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This needs to go viral. Spread this article far and wide.

I want to cry, I feel so helpless and like we’ve all just let this go on for so long :otears_oprah_crying_tissue_napkin_tears_sobbing_sad: How can they do this to such a smart, kind, good-hearted, powerful woman? It is infuriating and I can’t believe they let this go on for so long.

Making her perform with a 104° fever? Not letting her remodel her kitchen because it is too expensive? A $2000 weekly allowance? It’s all disgusting. Pitiful. I am angry. 

No wonder she performed the way she did in the last years. She lost all of her passion for it. She was performing because she quite literally had no choice and would get punished if she didn’t.

It’s awful. This is absolutely awful.

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13 minutes ago, Slayer said:

Can I just say i'm so ******* proud of Britney, she's been fighting SO hard for years and kept going.

She is so strong!

Right?! And yet she’s so often described as fragile or unbalanced. It makes me so angry. 

People lost their dang minds dealing with some COVID-19 social distancing restrictions.... Britney has been dealing with so much worse for 13 years.

She is a true Steel Magnolia.  

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Reading this makes me so sad and angry! On the other hand, I'm glad it's out and pe can see these monsters for who they really are!

I guess this shows that Ingham had been doing his job for longer than people thought, the judge just ignored him. 

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