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The New York Times: Britney has tried to end conservatorship for years & feels like she was forced into performing and into a mental facility against her own will

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5 minutes ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

if you're still deeming this a conspiracy theory, you're missing the point.

Everything that comes out from interpretation and sell as a prove fact, it is a conspiracy theory. One thing is to wonder if something is happening, other is to affirm something is happening. Do you have prove that the judge received money to rule against Britney? If you don't, it's not a fact! Defending as if it was, is conspiracy theory. I do see, as I said, something shade and illegal on all of this, but after seeing all the damage fake news can bring, I'm very careful to separate what is my perception and what is an actual fact!

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1 hour ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:

Mmm me imagino que no leiste el articulo???? Literalmente dice especificamente que Britney ha hecho muchas peticiones 

Si lo lei. Supimos de alguien que ni siquiera esta íntimamente relacionado con Britney que hizo un pedido para terminar la tutela y tiene una audiencia en septiembre (primer documento que sabe en AÑOS) pero nunca se supo de papeles con la misma peticion hecha por ella o por su abogado que lleva la causa hace miles de años... 

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This is so disgusting. I can tell the type of man her father is - does everything based on fear. They've manipulated her into performing so much and we saw it all along - wondering where the fire was in her eyes - it died years ago with her autonomy!!! I don't think Jaime ever physically did anything to Britney to force her into working, but emotional abuse can sometimes be far worse than physical. It's honestly so admirable how positive and optimistic she has tried to remain or at least "save face" with in public to not drag her father and their family issues but... Time is up. They've wasted enough years of her life! I have such hope something amazing is going to come out of tomorrow. 

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1 hour ago, phareezy said:

Even they were cautious and only mentioned her once. You're right though. Jamie is 100% going to be the fall guy here. He deserves it.

This what Lou and everyone wanted anyways, she got him thinking she was a saint with the whole "Fasting, and praying" B.S meanwhile Brit's Funds are swiped and moved.

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This has to end. If anyone had any doubts that we weren't doing what she wanted this should kill that doubt. 

I second this wholeheartedly. Jesus Christ will win. I decree/declare that the power of Satan - and the power of all the evil people who have messed with her for so many years - will be permanently BROKEN from over this amazing woman’s life. She WILL be free and I fully believe it is God’s will for her too. Now is definitely not the time to tire or lose faith. The public should only increase their passion and support now. Because ultimately this is also about defending the American spirit of freedom in general. 


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Y'all it's late here so I'm bout to sleep but can someone repost the reddit post as it has been taken down, I don't know what rules were broken on r/news but it was taken down. Reddit is great for spreading awareness, so if someone could repost on the news subreddits it would be much appreciated. God bless you all!

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6 hours ago, amiro1989 said:

Whoever wrote this did an excellent job! Let’s make it a viral article BreatheHeavy! Get our girl out of their grips!

It's very likely this is Britney's latest call for help. Like this just came before her speaking to the court. 


I swear this is getting just out of hand and scarier each time new information about the con appears.

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