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Britney Spears' June 23rd court hearing updates (FULL TRANSCRIPT)

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6 hours ago, Matou said:

I was there at that time and no, what is SCARY is this "legal" conservatorship.

It was just a period were she wanted freedom and she rebelled, media calls her crazy because of money, etc .. okay it was bad but you can handle it. The thing you can't handle is being a prisoner of your own life, put in a "mental health box" which is hard to prove the opposite. I know that thing personnaly, and I repeat, when the system say "you're not capable", "you're crazy", then it's so hard to take back the damage already written.

"it truly did save her life back then" PLEASE ! Have your heard what she said tonight ??? It look like you work for daddy Spears.

From the beginning the conservatorship was mean to be this way, stop being blind ! The "few months" was just a story.

Truly you have no confidence on Britney, but I have. After all these years, she don't trust anybody, which is not the best way, but at least she will not be easily the puppet of someone.

How dare you talk to me like I'm a casual, careless fan. Abd this is not black or white.

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6 hours ago, Hoel said:

Totally agree, i was there at the time and it was scary AF.

I knowww... Thank you for pointing that out as well, people forgot quickly. I feel like back then she was in danger physically like no other time in her life. The control now is straight up slavery, but it was really hard back then as well. That's all I'm saying.

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1 hour ago, Roxxy said:

It's a big, big day for Britney fans around the world! I thought I'd drop by Exhale to see how everybody's doing. :mattafact_alligator_telling_talking_chatting_preaching_green:

HIYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :barbie_hair_flip_hairflip_weave_proud_cocky:

I just finished the leaked audio recording. I'm so grateful to my love @PokemonSpears who always gives me updates on all the latest news about Britney while I'm a slaaave 4 Wildrift. I cannot hold it. I cannot control it. :kidcries_crying_sad_tearing_up_sobbing:

Hello to all my lovely Exhalers and all my husbands. I missed y'all. TEEHEE 💛💜

Roxxy!! Welcome back :yasqueen_yes_wow_crying_praise_tears_wipe_sad:

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37 minutes ago, The Dream said:

Also can we bow to the fact that her speech was not retouched by anyone, it was 100% her. A big **** to anyone claiming she is not even able to think clearly and talk. 

Thats the smart woman we all rooting for since day 1, since every interview she would roll her eyes anyone made a question that was stupid.

I was just thinking about this too. This is further proof that she is controlled during interviews and that’s why she looks so anxious in some of them. It’s heartbreaking.

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List of people involved (non-exhaustive list, to be updated) :

  • Jamie Spears
  • Jamie Lynn Spears
  • Lou Taylor ( born Louise Mary Taylor )
  • Rob Taylor ( Robert ) [ Lou's husband ]
  • Larry Rudolph
  • Adam Leber
  • Mitchell Stanley Martin ( related to Lou Taylor through Stonebridge Investment Counsel, Inc. )
  • Reva Goetz
  • Brenda Penny
  • Cassie Petrey
  • Vivian Thoreen
  • Jeryll Cohen
  • Geraldine Wyle
  • Timothy Benson
  • Jodi Montgomery
  • Sam Ingham III
  • Robin Greenhill
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2 hours ago, rower2222 said:

I think shes needs someone to help her in life but not a conservatorship. Clearly abuse of someone to nice to stand up for herself until now. Man Bernie family cared more about her money, it's such a shame. 

No she doesn’t. She’s a perfectly capable human being, and perfectly capable human beings go through different situations in their lives without being ******* slaves to their fathers.

Yesterday I read one of the stupidest things on ATRL - someone mentioned they thought her boyfriend was a plant and that he was going to abandon her if she got pregnant, so that’s why they thought maybe the conservatorship needed to be “reformed”, not removed.

I meant what in the actual hell? People get cheated on all the time. People get dumped all the time. Women end up raising their kids alone…They are not put under a conservatorship for ******* normal circumstances in life.


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11 hours ago, Pfefferminz said:



He’s just compliant with team con. He works for them. He doesn’t dare to challenge them. He’s willing to be replaced rather than filing for termination. He stayed loyal to them until the very end.

He basically dismissed Britney’s remarks like “anyhow, she has never told me to end it. I have to consult with the handlers before doing anything. And to address these remarks, I suppose we’re just gonna change her care plan…”

He’s just vile.


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I don't want to take this moment away from Britney's testimony but I think it's so moving how all this time, we the fans actually stood by her side and we were the only ones questioning her well-being trying to make her voice heard.





The power that this hashtag had. 

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Look what I found  from a 2005 article :

Back in Nashville, Ron spends several hours with his new management team at Tri Star—a group that takes what they call a "holistic" approach to managing celebrities. That's for sure. Louise "Lou" Taylor, the head of the company, a warm but fiercely efficient brunet and Ron's new guru, will in the course of the next few days: deal with his real estate investments, edit his new rap song, manage his child-support payments (he fathered one of his children with another woman), arrange to have his children ferried to Toys 'R' Us, help him design T-shirts for his Web site, and—on hands and knees in Indianapolis—clean out his refrigerator with Clorox. Then she will order him to hire a housekeeper.



The tille is "Free Ron Artest!" :imok_goo_ooze_yellow_slime_mess_blonde:

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54 minutes ago, Prince Ali said:

It just popped on my feed...

Spellman College Scholarship: Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group Launches Student Fund – The Hollywood Reporter


Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group CEO Lou Taylor — named The Hollywood Reporter’s Business Manager Icon in 2019 for repping stars like Steven Tyler, Mary J. Blige and Priyanka Chopra Jonas — has created the Finish Line Scholarship as a way to support the Black student community at Spelman College

Organizations always launch this sort of CSR initiatives to cover their mess. It’s very telling... Lou Taylor is trying to contain the damage to her name and reputation as well as doing some crisis control. 

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