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Britney Spears' June 23rd court hearing updates (FULL TRANSCRIPT)

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3 minutes ago, Onyxgirl17 said:

I can’t believe he still refuses to file? Is he even allowed to refuse to file? He doesn’t work for her at all… he’s a pawn of team CON. 

That's why it's important that we hear from Britney herself. He said his client wanted it sealed but we didn't hear that from Britney herself. She said she wanted it to be an open court. 

The main issue here is that Britney can't choose a lawyer so she has to work with Sam even though she expressed that she wanted to pick her own lawyer. Like Britney said, the laws need to change.

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2 minutes ago, Urbanney said:

I can’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking about everything Britney said today. 

I honestly wasn’t expecting it to affect me like this. I knew I would feel empathy and hurt, but I’m in physical pain. It’s proof that as crazy and silly as it sounds she’s part of my family. I love and care about her and hearing this is like hearing my own sister and it makes me sick 

                🍻Intoxicate me, I’m a lush🍻

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12 minutes ago, Stannedforever said:

Britney about the conservatorship;  I want to end it, my dad is a psychopath who enjoys the control, I want to sue everyone who has hurt me :fu_britney_flipping_off_finger_mad:

Vivian: :unbothered_apple_chew_bite_hair_eat_chomp_red: Britney loves her daddy. That's right, she calls her daddy. And her daddy always cooks tasty comfort meals for her. :unbothered_apple_chew_bite_hair_eat_chomp_red: 

I noticed Britney never once referred to Jamie as "daddy." It was always "my dad." They can **** entirely off with that.

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This Reddit comment is really ******* me up:


She didn't know she could end the conservatorship. Let that sink in.
The disgusting manipulation, coercion and abuse that her team put Britney through is mind boggling. It was always about control. It was always about keeping Britney silent because she always had the power and they couldn't let her know.

I'm so ******* disgusted.



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14 minutes ago, anakinskywalker said:

I would LOVE to see Lance Bass reaction to this. He had no problem coming for the movement saying it was a lie and that he had contact with Jamie Lynn. Britney just exposed her ENTIRE FAMILY. :badthoughts_gun_kris_genner_thinking_debating:

I mean, can you fault him though? Britney felt threatened and stayed silent and as she said herself, lied and pretended things were okay. Her family produced lies upon lies and of course people like Lance were lied to and kept in the dark. We can’t necessarily blame celebrities who thought this was BS. Everyone has been lied to. The truth is out now. It’s NOW that matters how they respond. Considering Justin has spoken out in support, Lance would be foolish not to follow suit. 

Can we all agree Jamie Lynn is trash? Do we all agree on that? I honestly hate her. Her smug look reaping the benefit of her sister being enslaved. How dare she. It’s so shameful.

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3 minutes ago, Urbanney said:

I can’t sleep because I can’t stop thinking about everything Britney said today. 

She definetly turned the whole community over it's head with her statement. We are all in shock and awe. She needs to be freed by tomorrow because if not then I will call the police station and report abuse. Maybe then something will be done.

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1 minute ago, Stannedforever said:

They don't just "decide" anything. It's a huge amount of paper work and probably more hearings in the future. :sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record:

Then what are they gonna. I know she will be in the c-ship for much longer but teh judge needs to take into consideration what she just said.

I know Jamie's lawyers are gonna bring britney worst times and whatever mental health issues she has so they keep her in teh c-ship but they need to start from something....

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Am I the only one not so shock by what she said ?

I mean, there is tons of stories years after years to not be surprised.

And I'm sure this is a little part of the story.

"For my sanity, I need you to the judge to approve me to do an interview where I can be heard on what they did to me. And actually, I have the right to use my voice and take up for myself. My attorney says I can’t. It’s not good. I can’t let the public know anything they did to me and by not saying anything, is saying it’s OK.

It’s not OK. Actually, I don’t want an interview — I’d much rather just have an open call to you for the press to hear, which I didn’t know today we’re doing, so thank you. Instead of having an interview, honestly, I need that to get it off my heart, the anger and all of it that’s been happening."

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